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Multi-generational homes (‘multi-gen’ for short) are just as the name suggests; functional and considered home designs that allow multiple generations of a family to live together comfortably under one roof (key word here, comfortably!) In a multi-gen home, each generation living there will benefit from having their own separate space and privacy.

Multi-Gen vs Traditional

What's the difference between these home designs?

A multi-generational design is easily identifiable by the way different areas are zoned throughout the home. For example, the most effective multi-gen floorplans will create privacy by dividing bedrooms into separate wings, or by including a bathroom with every bedroom. The kitchen, dining room and other communal areas are shared spaces, and are designed to be extra large for this reason.

Make your next home your forever home


Now more than ever, our homes need to be so much more. They need to be our schools, offices, gyms, movie theatres and playgrounds. They also need to be adaptable; one day you might need a space to be kids rumpus room, and the next a home office. Our designs aren’t just multi-generational, they’re multi-functional, allowing for the ebbs and flows of modern life and ensuring you can future-proof your biggest investment for many years to come.

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Why consider a multi-gen design?

A million reasons! Here's a few...

  • Future-proofed

    With all the extra space afforded in a multi-gen home design, your home is easily adaptable to suit your needs as they change over time.

  • Financial stability

    Don't outlay extra money for things like aged care for older parents, plus save money on future renovation as your household grows/shrinks.

  • Stronger family bonds

    If recent events have shown us anything, it’s to make time for the ones you love. In a multi-gen home you’ll find endless opportunities to do so.

  • Privacy & security

    A cleverly-zoned floorplan offers extra privacy, while a larger household means extra security, with someone generally home at all times

See for yourself!

Sneak a virtual peek at one of our most popular multi-gen designs: the award-winning Sandford 47.

Did you know?

We have many other homes that can be adapted quite easily through pre-determined design options to make them suitable for multi-gen living. Popular options include an additional bedroom suite downstairs or adding a shower to the downstairs powder room. So chat to a New Home Consultant about your preferred design today!

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