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Our Ranges

The Thought Behind Our Home Designs

There is a lot of thought that goes into your new Porter Davis home – from the drawing board to the first turn of the key, everything has been carefully considered to ensure we’re not only delivering our customer’s dream, but respecting, protecting and nurturing those dreams throughout the entirety of the process.

Lifestyle Family Home Designs

There's nothing average about these family homes...
When we designed our Lifestyle range, we had the growing family in mind. We understand that people have diverse and different needs, which is why we prioritise versatility in the development of each and every family home design. We know that some enjoy single-storey living, while others embrace the separate zoning privacy that doubles offer — especially for older children and teenagers demanding their own space. Our family-oriented floorplans are so much more than just grand designs. They are built with thought. We have listened closely to what our buyers want, what is important to them, and what frustrates them. Our family home designs are expressions of that process.

Lifestyle Family Inclusions
Create a home designed around your individual needs and personal vision by optimising your floorplan. Our lifestyle range includes many design
features and dream finishes as standard, but you can take your family home design to the next level with carefully curated selections from your favourite World of Style theme.

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