Discover a home of elevated elegance. One that allows for peaceful relaxation and perfect contentment. A gift of grace and grandeur where inspiration is brought to life and indecision fades away
Elevated elegance

Explore what’s possible with the designer Grange Series

What lies inside these four walls of luxury? Grand entryways, intriguing rooms and tranquil outdoor spaces like no other. These state of the art homes will draw you into a world of opulence, where once entered it’s hard to escape.

With innovative floorplans, exceptional details, sleek finishes and polished interiors, this range was expertly curated with one thing in mind: you. Your vision, your style and your appreciation for quality design. Together with your loved ones, you can enjoy a spacious sanctuary for you to make your own. Now that’s a place to call home.

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Bayside collection.

Designed for knockdown & rebuild

We have reconfigured a range of our award-winning homes to meet local council requirements and save you time and money throughout the planning approval process.

If you have an old home in the Bayside area you know you are sitting on prime real estate and knocking down the old house and re-building a new home to suit your lifestyle is a sound investment.

Look out for the ‘B’ on selected Grange floorplans to make your Bayside dream home a reality.

Craft your one-of-a-kind

Grange Luxury Inclusions

Discover our state-of-the-art design inclusions that will elevate your home in more ways than one. Some are generously included in the base price of your Grange home, while others are simply elegant extras that will help bring your vision to life. Because there are some luxuries you shouldn’t be without.


NOTE: The keyed images are representative only and may include examples of upgraded items.

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