An island paradise, right in your own home. A fresh palette of whites and greens draw you in and envelope you in the ultimate every day escape. Medium timbers form the basis of this breezy, relaxing look while fresh light linen sofas and chairs complete the picture. Rattan in occasional chairs and outdoor furniture, base cushions in white and a green and white organic patterned cushion all feature strongly. Greenery is scattered throughout, perfectly complemented by white flower centrepieces. Touches of crystal clear blue give you reminder of the amazing landscape and white sandy beaches that has inspired this style.

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display-home Hyatt Grange
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Hyatt Grange | 50

LOT Lot 209, Fenway Road, Greenvale, 3059

Liverpool | 25

Buchanan Blvd, Armstrong Creek, 3217

Charlton | 36

Buchanan Blvd, Armstrong Creek, 3217

Pembroke | 26

104 & 106 Mortlake Drive, Officer South, 3809

Dunedin | 29

Sedge Street, Clyde North, 3978

Savoy | 40

LOT 2 & 4, Rothesay Avenue, Clyde, 3978

Madison | 40

LOT 26, Poppy Street, Mickleham, 3064

Hoffman | 39

Irvine Rise, Werribee, 3030

Liverpool | 25

LOT 40, Lionsgate Crescent, Tarneit, 3029

Madden | 25

LOT 339, Littlewalk Close, Wyndham Vale, 3024

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