Miami Beach

Miami Beach

A little bit arty, a little bit party, this is where the stars come to kick up their heels. It’s an art deco style blended with the sophistication of a Designer theme. The Miami Beach style shakes things up with bold colours and features that make it a style worth remembering.

This retro style is where vintage Art Deco architecture meets contemporary sophistication with a splash of glam.

A striking white palette is injected with colour through key pieces of furniture and décor. Natural stone elements mixed with gallery inspired artwork typify the understated luxury of Miami Beach.

Displays and House & Land packages

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display-home Scottsdale
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Scottsdale | 33

LOT 6040, Gem Parade, Wollert, 3750

Vermont | 29

LOT 112, Playwright Street, Clyde North, 3978

Liverpool | 25

LOT 121, Olivine Boulevard, Donnybrook, 3064

Vermont | 33

Sovereign Drive, Mount Duneed, 3217

Vermont | 29

LOT 3, Debut Avenue, Tarneit, 3029

Bristol Grange | 43

Beattys Road, Frasers Rise, 3336

Astor Grange | 46

LOT 117, Soho Boulevard, Berwick, 3806

Midland | 21

LOT 9 & 11, Sentinel Parade, Truganina, 3029

Hoffman Villa | 37

LOT 9, Heritage Boulevard, Doncaster, 3108

Madrid | 42

LOT 13 & 15, Design Way, Kalkallo, 3064

Sandford | 47

26 Aintree Blvd, Aintree, 3336

Hoffman Villa | 35

4 Fenway Road, Greenvale , 3059

Vancouver | 29

LOT 11, Irvine Rise, 3030

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