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Fifth Avenue

This coveted address is the essence of high end fashion, style and luxury. The Upper East Side oozes class and is home to those who have truly made it. Surround yourself with furniture and finishes of exquisite detail and sophistication. Think Sex and the City meets Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This is where style was born.

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Why we love Fifth Avenue interior design style

The iconic breakfast at Tiffany’s is the perfect summary of this Fifth Avenue style interior design. It oozes class from the moment you enter. Stunning furniture pieces featuring dark timbers and stone washed timbers, and grey fabrics, luxurious in feel adorn sofas. Upholstered bed heads in velvet, with exquisite buttoning detail. Beautifully framed black and white photography is perfectly placed on walls. This is where style was born.

How did we create the Fifth Avenue look

Pendant lighting with glass or fabric shades and wall lights throughout. Luxurious fabrics and upholstered bedheads fabrics of warm grey colour palette. Layering of fabrics through texture and colour versus patterns and prints. Black accents throughout furniture and décor and a contemporary undertone to furniture. Brushed Brass accents in furniture with contrasting mixed metals contrast eg chrome accent feature. Black coloured timber furniture & white furniture pieces and grey stone washed timber furniture. Glass and mirrors accent details on furniture. Seamless contemporary cabinet design with focus of colours and finishes versus fittings themselves. Accent colours are dusty blue, tiffany blue, midnight blue, colours of plum and marble accents – white and grey marbles.

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