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San Francisco

A cultural mecca for cool cafés and art galleries, San Francisco is also where classic meets contemporary style. Gallery inspired artwork sits comfortably against furnishings in a light grey palette with accents of indigo blue, aubergine and fresh touches of floral. Modern touches juxtapose against classic details such as traditional skirting, wall mouldings and cornices.

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Why we love San Francisco interior design style

San Francisco style interior design is a great mix of a contemporary mixed with a classic undertone. A cultural commercial mecca of cafes, restaurants and art galleries, these elements sit comfortably in a residential space. Incorporating refined lighting that are then softened with comfortable furniture pieces. Where possible more traditional skirting and cornice detail which create a stunning juxtaposition.

How did we create the San Francisco look

Inspired by iconic terrace houses in San Francisco, classic architecture reinvented to a modern-day interior. Light grey palette with accent colours of navy, aubergine freshened by greenery and florals. Warm mid grey tones and mid to dark walnut timbers. Matte black and brass accents. Contemporary and refined furniture with classic inspired pieces scalloped bedheads, brass detailing mixed with contemporary low line sofas and tables. Modern take on classic lighting. Galley inspired contemporary artwork mixed in with classic wall moulding detailing re-freshes the classic look. Black and white photography artwork and art deco feel in decorative mirrors.

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