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The ultimate summer spot to look out over the breaking waves, and home to a uniquely Australian relaxed and sophisticated style. It has a clean, fresh coastal feel yet still has an urban and architectural edge. You can almost hear the sounds of the beach, surrounded by striking décor that reflects all the natural beauty of this iconic location.

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Why we love Bondi interior design style

Bondi style interior design has that relaxed feel with a costal undertone, whilst still feeling urban and architectural. Its fresh colour palette is very tranquil whilst it still has the perfect balance of edginess and warmth. The style is clean, crisp, fresh and relaxed, with a sense of excitement created by splashes of colour. Timber elements brings a sense of warmth, whilst the black accents still keep a bold, striking and architectural feel to the home. 

How did we create the Bondi look

The base palette is a simple and crisp white on white. Large expanses of glass, high ceilings with skillion/racked features, clean lines, striking matt black accents. Sleek cabinetry with a mixture of textures and finishes. Marble introduced through hard finishes as well as furniture and décor. Gallery Style artwork, natural linen fabrics with a palette of white through to grey. Matte Black accents through décor and touches in furniture. Contemporary sleek furniture incorporating timber with black or white highlights. Matte finish ceramics mixed with natural timbers. Décor kept to a minimum with more key feature pieces rather than layering. Lots of coffee table books and sculptural pieces.

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