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Lake Como

The shores of Lake Como exude an understated elegance and a touch of exclusivity. La Dolce Vita comes alive in sunlit rooms where timeless style is given a contemporary aesthetic. With masculine undertones and all the charm and sophistication of George Clooney, this relaxed yet opulent style is enough to make anyone feel like a film star.

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Why we love Lake Como interior design style

The Lake Como style interior design is luxurious, elegant, sophisticated and opulent. It presents a grand hotel feel with a blend of old and new design styles. It’s the perfect blend of timeless and classic design with modern undertones. A soft and breezy style with a fresh undertone and inviting ambience.

How did we create the Lake Como look

The colour palette ranges from a soft white through to charcoal. Off white used to create a fresh and clean approach to design and moodiness without getting too dark and uninviting. There is a masculine undertone to colour palette and darker charcoals and inks used to create contrast and depth to spaces. Accent feature colours of ink, dusty blues, ocean blues and dusty sage. There are classic/traditional architectural features such as higher decorative architraves and skirtings, feature decorative cornices, coffered grid and feature ceiling detail, panelled profile and higher doors and moulding details to walls. There is a classic design to staircases and feature mantle fireplaces. Contemporary designs to structure through cabinetry details, fixtures and fittings and contemporary accents to cabinetry details. Matt black fittings and fixtures give it a contemporary edge that is both bold and architectural and high end finished. Natural stone tiles and rich tone timer flooring with feature lay pattern. Large expanse of glass, to help flood large amounts of natural light into spaces, helping the warmer colour palette remain fresh and crisp and creating an inviting warmth. There is a mix of classic base furniture with touches of contemporary style to contrast highly ornate structural features of home. Matt black accents through furniture details, décor and artwork and gallery style artwork used as main feature of home. Parquetry detailed furniture features and marble accents to furniture. Vintage / Aged Leather accent furniture – creates warmth and masculinity. Worn and textured timbers and natural textured fabrics.

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