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This is a style designed for those who appreciate the classically driven look. With a strong balance of texture, colour and pattern, mixed with ageless furniture and antiques, this style allows you to accumulate pieces that pass the test and time of style. Delve into a whole new world of style, while staying true to classic inspiration.

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Sandford | 47

Edgebrook, Adriatic Circuit, Clyde,

Hoffman | 39

Kaduna Park - Officer South, 104 & 106 Mortlake Drive, Officer, 3809

Liverpool | 25

Berwick Waters, Sedge Street, Clyde North, 3978

Waldorf Grange | 49

Tullamore, LOT 7, Heritage Boulevard, Doncaster, 3108

Rochedale | 33

Rathdowne, Brighton Avenue, Wollert, 3750

Plaza Grange | 51

Life Estate, Atlantis Drive, Point Cook , 3030

Kew | 27

Botanical - Mickleham, LOT 24, Poppy Street, Mickleham, 3064

Plaza | 44

Highlands - Craigieburn, LOT 69, Whitfield Crescent, Craigieburn, 3064

Dunedin | 29

Woodlea, Aintree Blvd, Aintree, 3336

Stanhope | 41

Olivine, Olivine Boulevard, Donnybrook, 3064

Charlton | 36

Newgate, Lionsgate Crescent, Tarneit, 3029

Astor Grange | 54

Porter Davis Bentleigh, LOT 34, Jasper Rd, Bentleigh, 3204

Waldorf Grange | 49

Altona, LOT 358, Blackshaws Road, Altona North,

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