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The Kitchen

As we spend more time in our homes, our kitchens have become the most important part of them. It's where we enjoy date night, celebrate birthdays, and anniversaries. It's our coffee shop, and our new school and office. It's where we create masterpieces, and memories and watch something other than television.

Enhance the Heart of the Home....

$20k for Prestige & $10k for Lifestyle

Now more than ever, our kitchens are bringing the family together.

Take your stunning Porter Davis design to the next level and enhance the heart of your home. Make your kitchen yours with an additional $20,000* for Prestige and $10,000* for Lifestyle to spend on the things you love most.

Plus for anyone who deposits between September 19 2020 and November 01 2020 we'll put you in the draw to win an extra $20k towards your kitchen!

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Find your style

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We’ve made finding your personal style simple. With 4 interior themes to choose from – Classic, Contemporary, Resort and Designer, these themes are suitable for any new home. Each theme contains 13 styles inspired from the most aspirational destinations in the world, this is a unique and easy way to establish what style best suits your lifestyle.

The Classic Style

Timeless elegance  

Classic Kitchens

This is a style designed for those who appreciate the classically driven look. With a strong balance of texture, colour and pattern, mixed with ageless furniture and antiques, this style allows you to accumulate pieces that pass the test and time of style. Delve into a whole new world of style, while staying true to classic inspiration.


Create this look 

  • Glass doors on overhead cabinets allow for displaying your favourite serving plates
  • White textural tiles add interest for a splashback
  • Lighter stone benchtops give this kitchen a timeless elegance 
  • Mostly neutral base palette
  • Shaker profile cabinetry with ornate handles 
  • Consider a contrasting island bench to make a statement
  • Light grey subway tiles are perfect for splashbacks
  • Statement maritime styled pendant lights for a nautical twist
  • Roman blinds give it a country estate feel

The Contemporary Style

Sleek sophistication

Contemporary Kitchens

Clean lines and simple colour palettes let the structural design become the feature of your house. Chrome details mix perfectly with fabric and dark timbers to create a cool sensory experience that doesn’t show a hint of sterile. Funky artwork and feature lighting absolutely complete this look.


Create this look 

  • Marble splashback adds a touch of luxury
  • Light to mid tone cabinetry pairs perfectly with white benchtops
  • Matte black accents keep this theme modern
  • Splashes of colour in decor

The Designer Style

What’s hot? What’s now?

Designer Kitchens

The Designer theme delivers the elusive and unspoken flair of the talented and creative. The concepts, ideas and styles on show in the Designer portfolio are taken straight from the fashion and design catwalks and capitals of the world.

Artistically influenced, it’s the perfect fusion of contemporary and classic pieces that creates a flawless layered effect of the history of design. Whether its music, art or sculpture your unique collectables will work in this look.


Create this look

  • Lighter tone timbers add warmth to a mainly white palette
  • White marble subway tiles add texture but keep to the theme
  • Glass decor adds a designer touch
  • Subtle black accents in lighting
  • Modern clean lines in cabinetry without handles 

The Resort Style

Your own personal sanctuary

Resort Kitchens

Think of the perfect holiday getaway and you’ll immerse yourself in the Resort theme. The theme harvests its look directly from some of the world’s most beautiful resorts with a wonderful blend of textured and patterned fabrics, mixed with gorgeous timber carved and detailed furniture pieces.


Create this look 

  • Pops of greenery for freshness
  • Raw timber cabinetry add to the relaxed vibe
  • Big windows allow natural light to flood the room
  • Natural stone benchtops and splashbacks open the space
  • Dado panelling to your kitchen backboard & cupboards
  • Blue and white features in decor

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