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How to future-proof your home

Want to build your forever home? Here are some handy future-proofing tips on to make sure your next home can grow with you and be, well, your forever home.

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    Make room for occupants of all ages

    The number of occupants in your home is likely to change over the years. Whether it’s a new baby, elderly parents re-joining the family home, or a young couple moving back in with mum and dad, it’s good to think about how your house could handle these changes. Many of our designs come with two master bedrooms, one of which is on the ground floor, making them a popular choice for multi-generational homes.

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    Multipurpose rooms

    While it is impossible to predict the future it’s handy to have adaptable living spaces that can accommodate changes in your lifestyle – especially if you have a young family. Areas like a rumpus room may function as a playroom, a place for teens to hang out, an additional workspace or an extra bedroom when you have guests over.

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    A must-have in any forever home is an alfresco area. As well as being good for your wellbeing, outdoor spaces provide a safe spot for children to play, a perfect place to entertain on balmy nights and extend your usable living space.

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    Quality finishes

    Investing in high-quality finishes may be more expensive short-term, but when you factor in longevity it may work out cheaper in the long run. If you need to cut costs, think about high-wear areas such as flooring and kitchen spaces where you’ll appreciate high-quality, low-maintenance finishes that are durable and require minimal upkeep!

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    Timeless design

    Timeless designs and a neutral colour palette will ensure your home looks modern and fresh throughout fashion cycles and trends. Keep trends to key furniture pieces and smaller finishes which can be updated easily as trends evolve.

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    Build your home smarter

    Smart technology in homes is only getting more mainstream. It allows you to control everything from lighting, heating, security, appliances and even your pool temperature via your smartphone, tablet or computer. When you’re building your next home make sure you consider this technology – it’s only going to become more sophisticated and more connected. Our Electrical team at World of Style will be able to ensure your new home’s wiring allows for this.

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    Seek independent advice

    The information provided is meant as a guide only. Porter Davis recommends that all clients seek independent legal, tax and financial advice. Full T&Cs here

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