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Pool Installation

Pool location

Pool location

It is important to be mindful when selecting the location of your new pool in proximity to your build. We suggest engaging with a pool company early on to determine where your pool is to be located on your property and also gain specifications for how wide, long and deep the pool is to be.

1. If the pool or permanent/temporary fencing (whichever is closer) is located within 2m of the building envelope. The pool must be installed after handover. This is due to significant WHS risks associated with the build process.

2. If the pool or permanent/temporary fencing (whichever is closer) is located between 2m and 3m of the building envelope. Your building coordinator will seek internal advice to ensure all WHS risks are considered.

3. If the pool or permanent/temporary fencing is located greater than 3m of the building envelope. In most circumstances, Porter Davis can accommodate the build.

Please Note: Regardless of the proximity of the pool to the building envelope;
(a) All pools (in-situ or new) must be fitted with an engineered hardcover that conforms to Australian Standards noted in section 6; and

(b) For pools in-situ – all permanent or temporary fencing (left in place) must comply with Australian standards noted in section 6; and

(c) All pools (where permanent/temporary fencing is removed or left in-situ) must have site temporary fencing placed
around the pool area.

Note: Site costs may increase due to any additional engineering or plant requirements.

Information Required

Information Required

Once you have selected your pool type, size and pool installation company, you will need to provide your Building Coordinator with the following information.

Pool specifications:

  • Length, width and depth of pool
  • Pool location and setback from house
  • Pool heater gas mega joule requirement
  • Pool heater location
Tender Appointment

Tender Appointment

Providing this information has been given to your Building Coordinator prior to your tender appointment, your documents will be updated accordingly. Porter Davis will include your swimming pool to your siting with the specifications you have provided and your tender document will include the upgrade of your gas line to suit your pool heater along with a third contour survey which is required post pool installation (not required for existing pool). Any additional requirements will be reflected accordingly in this document.

Your block is vacant and your plans have been approved

Your block is vacant and your plans have been approved

Whether you are a Knockdown & Rebuild project or a newly titled block of land, you must wait until either your demolition has been completed or your title has been granted before the next steps can take place. Your Building Coordinator will order your second soil and Survey test to be carried out providing the property /land is vacant, titled and any approval required by council/developer has been granted.

At this time you will need to make contact with a Set Out company prior so pool construction can begin (not required for existing pools). The Set Out company is required to peg out the rear dimensions of the home showing the correct position of the new structure in relation to the property boundaries. This will then allow the pool company to know the exact location to install your pool.

What to provide your pool company

What to provide your pool company

You will need to provide your pool company with a copy of the council/developer approved plans with the second soil and Survey results applied.
Please check with your Building Coordinator that you have the most recent set of plans as your pool company must know the current levels of the block are true and correct. The set out company will also provide you with a set out survey to send through to your chosen pool company.

Your pool installation can now go ahead!

Post pool installation

Post pool installation

  • Please notify your Building Coordinator once your pool construction has been completed.
  • Your Building Coordinator will then order a third contour survey which will reflect any altered levels of soil detected and the exact pool placement on your property.
  • Before construction of your new home begins please ensure you have protected the pool surround and permanent fencing (if applicable), installed an engineered hard cover for swimming pool, installed temporary site fencing and provided the certified document/s to your Building Coordinator.
  • Pool engineered hardcover/solid platform and pool temporary fencing requirements:
    (a) Engineered hardcovers must conform to AS/NZS 1170 Structural design actions – General Principals or AS 1657 Fixed Platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, construction and installation.
    (b) Pool Permanent or Temporary fencing must (if left in-situ) must conform to AS 1926.1 Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools.
  • Porter Davis recommends pool void protection from Build Safe.

We recommend you contact BuildSafe in order to have your pool engineered hardcover installed. They will ensure that your pool cover is built and installed in accordance with Australian standards, which will ensure a safe work environment for all persons on the building site. Porter Davis has preferred pricing with Buildsafe so ensure you let them know that you are a Porter Davis customer. Porter Davis will only accept pool covers that have been certified to Australian standards. If you would like to use an alternative supplier, please ensure that they can provide an engineering certificate for the pool cover before engaging them to install.

BuildSafe (Pool hard covers) P: 1300 558 027 |

Pool Installation

Pool Installation

Swimming pools can present a real and serious hazard on construction sites if adequate control measures are not in place. Read through the below and get in touch if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help.

Swimming pools can present a real and serious hazard on construction sites if adequate control measures are not in place. If a swimming pool of any description is on site at commencement of site works or to be installed post construction, Porter
Davis apply strict policies in regards to existing and or new pool installs and these must be agreed upon in there entirety prior to site works commencing.

Hazards relating to pools include (but not limited to):

  • Restricted access due to close proximity to scaffold and work platforms
  • Falls from height (if pool is within 3 meters of a structure)
  • Protruding steel reinforcements
  • Drowning (if pool is not covered and secure)
  • Unauthorised access by other persons during construction

Before Construction (includes existing pools onsite)

Should you wish to install a pool pre-construction or retain an existing pool on your property, you will need to notify your sales consultant or building coordinator before your tender appointment in order for Porter Davis to assist you in the correct pool installation procedure.

Post construction

If you are planning to install a pool post construction of your new home. Please ensure you provide your Building Coordinator with the following information upon booking in your appointments. Your future pool will be added to your siting and the gas line upgrade to your tender/contract. This will allow us to provide appropriate engineering and gas provision to assist with your pool installation. Please note: Your site costs may increase due to any additional engineering requirements specified.

Note to owners
Porter Davis does not factor pool installation before construction into your allocated site start timeline. If your property allows, Porter Davis highly recommend installing your pool post construction. To discuss how this will affect your site start month please contact your sales consultant or building coordinator.

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