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The essential things to know

We have extensive experience in Knockdown and Rebuild and we are here to help with both the general and technical aspects of your journey. Should you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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    Extensive site assessment

    Porter Davis will come to your block of land to conduct an extensive site assessment. Your site assessment will include site accessibility (this covers the access for construction on all four boundary sides), the fall across block, location of any trees and overhead power lines that will need to be assessed for site access as well as traffic management. We also assess neighbouring properties and check potential impacts of the new dwelling’s proposed orientation.

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    Demolition Asset Protection Permit and Demolition Permit

    You will be required to obtain an Asset Protection Permit through Council prior to the commencement of your demolition. An application fee along with a bond will be required to be paid which covers any damage to existing council infrastructure, such as footpaths, nature strips and driveway crossovers.

    Your demolition contractor will need to apply for a Demolition Permit from your Council. Once an application is made this can take up to 28 days to issue. Should your existing dwelling or the overall site contain asbestos, your demolition contractor will be required to remove this and provide you with a Proof of Removal certificate. You will need to provide Porter Davis with a copy of your demolition permit prior to the commencement of construction.

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    Established and temporary fencing

    Existing side and back fencing will need to be assessed and may need to be removed for access reasons, which means you should discuss this with your neighbours ahead of time. Front fences will be demolished with the house, including the footings. Information regarding the specifics of your fencing will be provided to you at your tender appointment.

    Your demolition contractor will organise temporary fencing during your demolition phase. This temporary fencing will be required to be removed prior to Porter Davis commencing construction. Porter Davis will also provide temporary fencing during your new home construction.

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    Water meter

    These can easily be damaged during the demolition period and they are expensive to replace. We highly recommend you talk to your demolition contractor and ask them to take steps to guarantee the protection of your meter during demolition


Tree Removal

  • Is there a vegetation overlay? Permits may be required to remove any trees that are in the area. At your tender appointment Porter Davis will provide you with a demolition plan nominating what existing structures need to be removed, including any trees. If a permit is required, you will need to arrange an application with your local Council.

  • In some cases, Council may require an Arborist Report which they can arrange on your behalf or alternatively, you can arrange for your own arborist and supply their report with your application. Generally speaking, if you have a Vegetation Protection Overlay a permit will be required to remove a tree that is over and above 10 metres with a diameter of 0.5 metres and at a nominated distance of 1.5 metres from ground level.

  • Top Tip
    Check with your council if there is a local law in place protecting any trees. This may be the case even though no overlay is identified on your block.
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    Disconnection of Services

    Before any demolition can commence, you need to:

    • Ensure all existing services are disconnected.
    • Contact your utility supplier to have the Gas disconnected and capped.
    • Contact your utility supplier to have the Electricity disconnected and removed back to the feeder pole.
    • Contact a registered plumber to remove the sewer back to the tie locations and cap.
    • New sewer points may be required during construction.
    • Contact a registered plumber to remove all storm water drains back to the legal point of discharge, or to the title boundary if they are outside the property.
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    Don't demolish yet!

    Demolition should only commence once Porter Davis has applied for your building permit. This will be applied for the day you sign your contract. It will then take approximately 3 to 5 days after the signing of your contract to receive a checklist with the items required to be completed/provided prior to obtaining your building permit. Your Building Coordinator will contact you once this is received and assessed to confirm the commencement of demolition.

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