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How to choose the right home

The kids have all moved out and you're starting to reassess how big your home really needs to be. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the property you would like to downsize to.


What kind of property do you want?

  • This one comes down to personal preference. Some of our customers are after a smaller single-story home that’s brand new and requires minimal upkeep. While others prefer a townhome close to their kids and grandkids, that’s easy to lock-up-and-leave for weekends away. Others are after a double-storey home on a smaller block with a master bedroom downstairs.

  • As you can see, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. So if you’re unsure, it’s a good idea to go to a few open homes on the weekend or visit some of our displays to get a feel for different property types – you may be surprised at what you like and what’s a good fit!

  • Top Tip
    Book a similar property on AirBnB to help make sure you know it will be a good fit for your lifestyle.
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    You may not want to spend your golden years on home maintenance or gardening in which case a townhome could be just the right fit. With fully equipped kitchens that are a breeze to maintain, spacious living areas and bedrooms, plus generous courtyards that are fully landscaped– you can host family get-togethers from the day you move in.

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    Single-storey homes

    You may prefer a single-storey home so there isn’t another floor to worry about. If you have the grandkids over regularly, it’s also an added bonus not having to stress about stairs and safety issues. Our single-storey designs include spacious kitchens, large open plan living areas, master bedrooms with walk-in-robes and ensuites, plus plenty of spare bedrooms for friends and family to stay – so it may not really feel like you’re downsizing after all!

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    Double-storey with a master on the ground floor

    For some, a double-storey home is still preferred, so a design with a master bedroom and ensuite on the ground floor is a popular option. All of our double-storey designs come with ample space and storage, large entertaining areas and of course, plenty of room for friends and family to stay. We’ve also got some designs that include a master bedroom on both floors – talk about a win-win! Check out our Sandford house design.

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    A home in a familiar location

    Unless you’re looking for a drastic change, downsizing to a familiar location can make the whole process seem less daunting. We often help our downsizers move into the same community or area their children live in, or we help them with a knockdown rebuild so they can stay in the exact same spot!

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    Seek independent advice

    The information provided is meant as a guide only. Porter Davis recommends that all clients seek independent legal, tax and financial advice. Full T&Cs here

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