Working From Home: Office Styling Tips

30 April 2020 - 5 min read

Include elements to promote calm, creativity and productivity

With many Australians now finding themselves working from home, it’s important to ensure that your home office feels like a nice space to spend time in and most importantly somewhere you can feel productive. Plants are a great way to make your home office feel more alive – move some of your household plants from other rooms into your office, so that you can see some greenery from your desk.

Lighting is also an essential element here to lift your mood and also to create a feeling of separation between your home office and your relaxation spaces. Make sure your office is light and bright all day and then contrast that by utilising lower levels of light such as dim lamps and candles in your relaxation spaces.

It’s also a great idea to ensure fresh air is flowing through your space to keep you feeling rejuvenated. If you can, open any windows and bi-fold doors to let fresh air in.

Organisation is key

Organisation in your home office is the key to productivity! You can never really have enough storage space in the office. Additional storage space in the form of drawers, filing cabinets, boxes and shelving will help keep everything in order and keep your workspace clutter-free. There are a variety of different storage solutions on the market these days, that look stylish too. Checkout Ikea or Kmart delivery for cost effective options.

Make it personal

Photographs, inspirational quotes and imagery are always great additions to the home office. This is a space where you want to spark creativity and it is important to be in a positive space to mitigate stress. Print out some quotes that make you feel good and stick them around your desk where you can easily read them.

Colour your mood

Cool blues and natural green hues are soothing options that will help create a calm space in your home office. You can incorporate different colours in your office with accessories such as cushions, prints lamps and frames. Add a pop of bright colour in the form of one or two accessories as well, such as a bright yellow lamp or candle, to promote a high energy work environment.

No home office? No problem! Create a workspace in any room of your home

Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated home office, but the good news is you can create a workspace in any home. As long as you have a desk or bench of the adequate height and chair (if you prefer to sit), then you’re on your way! Ensure your chosen desk has suitable storage space for papers and stationary and that you are close to a power source. To avoid straining your eyes, access to adequate lighting is a must. If you don’t have a natural light source, opt for extended desk lamps. If you do choose to set up a working space in your bedroom, it is important that you don’t associate the space with sleeping! Counter this by ensuring the desk is well away from the bed and not facing it if possible.

This article originally published in the Canberra Weekly.