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What is a floor plan?

25 August 2021 - 5 min read

To put it simply, a floor plan is a 2D snapshot of a home from a bird’s eye view. This scale drawing gives an indication of exactly what a new build will look like and includes the layout of rooms, making it easy to visualise the functionality of each space.

For those looking to build, the floor plan is often the deciding factor of which new home design they will select, and is a crucial tool in the early stages of decision-making. Accurate and detailed floor plans allow the customer to envision exactly how their new home will work and helps ensure that they’re choosing the right layout for them.

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What makes a good floor plan?

The golden question. At Porter Davis we ensure all our floor plans, big or small, have a number of key design features.

Clever zoning

No matter the size of the home, effective zoning ensures that each resident has their own dedicated space and that each bedroom has easy access to a bathroom. In larger floor plans, a guest bedroom on the ground floor provides much-needed privacy for extended family or ageing parents. Additional bedrooms, separate from the master, grouped around a secondary living area create the ideal kids zone.

Large communal space

All of our floor plans have an open plan living, kitchen and dining area, which is typically situated at the rear of the home to allow a seamless connection to the backyard. A customer-favourite, this design feature offers endless opportunities for both indoor and outdoor entertaining.

Ample bathrooms

There’s nothing worse than one bathroom between four or five family members… Majority of our floor plans, even those with just two bedrooms, will have an ensuite and additional bathroom or powder room. That way, everyone’s needs are catered for.

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What is the difference between a floor plan and a building plan?

While a floor plan gives an indication of the general layout of a home and is a great conceptual starting point, it doesn’t contain the types of detail needed by a builder to start construction. If working with a volume builder, once the floor plan for a new home has been decided on, dedicated teams will need to draw up building plans specific to your lot. This is where extra technical detail, such as elevations, electrical and plumbing specifications, will be added in. If you’re wondering how to read floor plan measurements or symbols, your New Home Consultant is well equipped to show you the ropes.

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How to read floor plans

The trick to reading a floor plan is by imagining you’re looking down into a doll’s house with the roof lifted off. By taking a bird’s eye view, you can easily get an indication of how the home is organised. Walls are represented by thick, solid lines and any breaks in these indicate the placement of windows or doors. All of our floor plans indicate where certain fixtures, like a bath or kitchen sink, and appliances should go to help ensure you get the most out of a space. Many floor plans even contain suggested placement of furniture, so customers know how to arrange their space to achieve a cohesive flow. 

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How to choose a floor plan

Every family’s needs are unique, and so is every floor plan. In the initial planning stages of your new home, start by creating a ‘must-have’ list, which may include a specific number of bedrooms and bathrooms, home office, laundry and whatever else your family views as a necessity to be able to live comfortably. Then create a supplementary ‘nice-to-have’ list, which covers all the little extras that you’ve been dreaming of — perhaps a butler’s pantry or formal lounge. After mapping out your budget, make sure you get everything you need from your ‘must-have’ list and select strategically from your ‘nice-to-have’ list. This will help you get the most bang for your buck!

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