What is a butler’s pantry and do you need one?

8 November 2019

Open plan living has become an integral feature of most modern homes, meaning that everything we prepare or clean is out on show to our guests and family. This is where a butler’s pantry comes in; the ultimate luxe addition to your kitchen, this spacious walk-in pantry acts as both a utility space and preparation zone while keeping the after-dinner-clean-up out of sight! A helpful addition to any floorplan, there are so many reasons why these kitchen designs are reemerging as a popular choice for connoisseurs of both contemporary and classic style.

Extra bench space and storage are some of the key benefits in incorporating a butlers pantry into your home – allowing access to all appliances and utensils in one convenient space. A hidden nook making everything that bit simpler, a walk-in butlers pantry gives you a place to conceal anything that you don’t want on display in your main kitchen. Ultra-convenient, it’s an entertainers best friend.

Incorporating a butlers pantry into your floor plan is simple and should be considered as an extension of your kitchen rather than a separate zone. This allows you to create a seamless transition between spaces.

When designing your layout, leverage functionality alongside visual appeal, keeping in mind there’s no one right way to execute this space. Achieve flow by continuing similar design elements, colours and storage options through from your main kitchen area.

When planning your butlers pantry design there are a few ‘must haves’ to consider. Regardless of the style or size of your home, going big on storage is key. Currently trending in this realm is wire drawers, placed both above and below the bench. This provides several options for cutlery and utensil storage, so that regularly used items are right there when you need them! Another piece of advice is to install sufficient powerpoints for all your appliances. The purpose of a butlers pantry is low maintenance living, so all your elements should flow, be easily accessible and work to minimise cleaning. While this space might not be the first room that comes to mind when building your home, it’s key in maximising convenience – particularly for big families.

If you are the entertaining type, decking out your pantry with a wine rack and bar fridge gives an air of sophistication while allowing for better use of space in your main kitchen. Sliding or folding doors are the perfect addition to help hide away that pre-dinner mess, providing the option of opening up to the living space to interact with friends and family. The kitchen is the heart of the home, meaning that socialising can be centralised around this space. Having a private area you can close off to clean up is crucial to keeping your home feeling spick and span! 

No longer just an option for more opulent designs, a butler’s pantry is also accessible to homes on a budget. In fact, they’re particularly useful in a smaller space as they work well in optimising the functionality and flow of your kitchen. If you’re looking to save money, save your stone for the kitchen and main bathrooms and opt for something like a laminate finish in this space.

Different families bring different needs, and a butlers pantry can provide you with the space for it all. Whether it’s a fun little breakfast spot, coffee station or functional space for any of your daily routines, a butler’s pantry simplifies the process by having everything right where you need it.

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