The ultimate luxury – 3m high ceilings

15 October 2020 - 4 min read

We’re excited to announce for the first ever time Porter Davis is now offering the chance to upgrade to 3 metre ceilings to the ground floor on ALL Prestige Grange homes, that’s an almost 10ft high ceilings. It’s the ultimate luxurious element for any grand home – and it’s sure to impress.

Which home designs can have 3m ceilings? 

All of our Grange homes from our Prestige range are available to upgrade to 3m ceilings to the ground floor. This includes the following home designs:

Why should you upgrade to 3m ceilings?

It’s the ultimate statement.

There are so many benefits to upgrade to almost 10ft ceilings in your new home. It gives an instant feeling of openness and increases natural light to create a wow factor that’s otherwise difficult to achieve. High ceilings add value to your home, and unlike many elements in your home such as wall colour or flooring, 3 metre ceilings isn’t something you can change once your build is complete!

Things to consider when upgrading high ceilings

When upgrading to almost 10ft ceilings, there are a few design elements you need to consider to ensure you reap the benefits of a high ceilings. Things you need to think about:

  • Windows – Having 3m ceilings could make your standard windows look small! It’s a great idea to increase the size of windows (particularly the height!) to allow more natural light into your new home. 
  • Materials – With almost 10ft ceilings comes the need for more materials! If you wish to install wallpaper, dado panelling or tiles will need to consider how high you would like these materials to be installed. 
  • Energy rating –  3m ceilings are likely to affect your homes Energy Rating. In order to achieve the minimum 6 Star Energy Rating in your new home you may have to add additional items to make your home more energy efficient with higher ceilings (think double glazing!)

What’s involved in building 3m ceilings?

When building 3 metre ceilings there are additional requirements during construction. Think higher scaffolding, more materials such as bricks, plaster, and frame just to name a few! 

It’s also important to note, depending on your land you may be unable to upgrade to a 3m ceiling due to overlooking and shadowing requirements with your next-door neighbours. Have a chat to your New Home Consultant to see if it’s an option for you!

3 meter high ceilings is the ultimate wow factor that can truly light up your home.

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