The New Iconic. The Stradbroke 32.

1 December 2020 - 8 min read
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The Stradbroke 32

Striking Queensland Home Design.

Tailored with designer flair, the Stradbroke 32 Queensland home design at Stockland’s Kalina estate, sees chic styling blend harmoniously with a classic Hamptons style that has become fundamental in Queensland homes. Themed in Hamptons Art House World of Style interior, this home captures the essence of the iconic East Coast and injects a unique artistic element. Finalist in the HIA best Queensland display home between $350,001 – $500,000, this home is among our very best.

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The Façade

Our New England façade faithfully serves its namesake, with subtle changes in tone creating a striking first impression. Colonial style entry door and awning windows in white stay true to the homes Hamptons roots, providing that classic detail.
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The Lounge

The ground floor of the home is the epitome of practical design, starting with a front lounge separated from the rest of the living spaces. The decision to position this space away from the other living areas was made to create a deliberately private haven. Featured wall paneling pulls your attention and gently frames artwork as all furnishings illustrate the synergy between light and dark, from the almost black buffet dressed with white pieces of coral to the soft cream arm chairs with black frames adorned with pale blue textured cushions. However, it’s the brushed gold chandelier that acts as the focal point and gives the room a touch of vogue.
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The Family and Dining area

Natural light streams through the floor to ceiling windows, diffused by the delicate sheer curtains that create picturesque shadows across the smooth timber floors and woven feature rug. Pops of green capture your attention in every corner of this room, adding a botanical brightness. Like the family room, the dining remains bright all day round thanks to full height windows that hug the rear corners of the home. A brushed gold chandelier hangs above the strong eight seater dining table complete with suede dining chairs by Coco Republic.
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The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of this home, with a floating island bench that doubles as a design feature this is a space for beginner and advanced chefs alike to come alive, running almost three meters long and one meter wide and providing storage cupboards on the front and back. Mosaic tile in a herringbone lay lines the kitchen splashback and stretches from the bench up to the ceiling, adding another dimension to this stylish kitchen.
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The Master Bedroom

As you gaze down the hallway toward the rear of the home, a timeless white armchair is framed by the door to the master bedroom and provides a hint at the grandeur that awaits. Soft sheer curtains run the entire width of the bedroom. Feature wall moldings are the focal point of the room as your eyes travel past the flawlessly dressed bed with a stone grey bedhead with button detailing and greyscale décor. Black and white photographs mounted in sleek black frames give a gentle reminder of the origins of this stunning World of Style interior.