The heart of the home

6 August 2018

With these chilly Melbourne nights, we have been dreaming about having a cosy fireplace to curl up beside. The hearth has traditionally been the heart of the home and over the years they have evolved to be more than just functional. They are now striking focal points and a gathering place within many Australian homes. As design trends have developed so too have the many different styles of fireplaces.

Perhaps the most common design is the classic fireplace with mantel. Seen throughout traditional homes this style is also popular in new homes replicating a classic style. Combining this style of fireplace with dado panelling and a coffered ceiling is a perfect way to create a harmonious classic home.

Bold wallpaper and pops of colour are ideal for fireplaces that really want to make a statement. Many modern fireplaces are extremely slimline with no mantel at all. Adding feature tiling all the way around the fireplace creates a truly striking focal point to any room.

Another type of feature to add around a fireplace is stone. This natural product is not only beautiful but also extremely hard wearing. Although stone has been seen in the past as a very traditional material it has grown in popularity and is now a feature in many contemporary homes.

Whether you’re after a sleek minimalist design or a stone clad traditional fireplace, they all offer a luxurious place for the family to come together and will continue to do so for years to come.