The Hamptons Obsession Continues

25 March 2019

Queensland real estate agents, builders and designers have all witnessed the rise of the timeless Hamptons style.

Defined by its simple detailing and monochrome palette, this style is inspired by coastal landscapes with injections of blues and mixed patterns throughout. As a true reflection of its position as a pillar of interior style, the classic Hamptons look has evolved over time and influenced Interior Designers all over the world. Porter Davis expert interior designer Koraly Symeou explains the styling features on what makes the Hamptons so iconic.

When did the Hamptons trend start to emerge in Queensland?

While the Hamptons was already a highly popular trend, in the past two years it has continued to gain popularity with more and more Queenslanders making Hamptons their first choice inside and out.

Timeless Hamptons style was at the forefront in the decoration of many of our display homes, and we have seen countless clients fall head-over-heels for our different variations on the iconic look.

Think sunlit spaces, classic architectural details and a calming palette. It’s the simple graciousness of this interior and its fit with the Brisbane way of life that has made it our most wanted home design in the state.

Do you know what brought it to Queensland?

Hamptons has been a popular choice for Porter Davis customers for many years. We brought our take on Hamptons to Queensland in 2016 with the release of our very first Brisbane-based display home, but believe its popularity is because it lends itself so well to the Queensland lifestyle. As Hamptons styling is seen to share many of the same design elements with classic Queenslander homes, we believe that this has resonated within our Queensland clients, perhaps with a touch of nostalgia.

Design and Style tips that dovetail seamlessly into the Queensland lifestyle:

  • Simple detailing and a monochrome palette prevail in modern Hampton homes.
  • Inspired by the coastal landscape, the palette is soothing with white-on-white and tones of grey throughout.
  • Injections of blues, a mix of patterns and ocean.
  • Light-washed timber flooring as well as large open spaces that flow into an outdoor entertaining area.
  • Lighting is an important element in a Hamptons style home to add a layer of sophistication.
  • Fans are essential in any Queensland home, for a large part of the year. Adding classic inspired ceiling fans throughout the home will not only add visual appeal but also a practical element for everyday use.
  • Traditional detailing and carpentry are a necessity through shaker style cabinetry, dado wall panelling, coffered ceilings, and decorative architraves and skirting.

Are there any major difference between the actual Hamptons trend and the Queensland one?

Hampton’s style really lends itself to a warmer climate, which is why it is so popular in Queensland. Overall, the Australian take on the Hamptons is more coastal and has a more relaxed feel than your Classic American home. Just think of it as a luxurious beach house, with homage to classic elegance. While the Queenslander style may have more of a Victorian feel, the Hamptons styling truly does make you feel as though the beach is on your doorstep.

What elements are Queenslanders loving about this trend?

Queenslanders adore Hampton’s because it works beautifully with their lifestyle and climate. The simple graciousness of this style makes it timeless, bright and breezy yet very warm and inviting.  Queenslanders love it because it can be built over time and its colour palette can be converted or adjusted easily without having to change key pieces of furniture.

Porter Davis’ most popular designs and interiors that have resonated strongly with SEQ customers are lush Resort and classic Hamptons.  Taking this intel on board the creative team at PD developed a new addition to the Resort World of Style interior, Hamptons Beach Club – we love to innovate & design in in our DNA.

How long into the future do you think it will last? Or do you think it is here to stay?

It is here to stay.

Take a façade of a home for example, these are decades-long investments for homeowners and the Hamptons style façades continue to be one of the most popular.  For those who like to always be “on-trend” it is an easy design to weave additional colours into. This seasons indigo blues and pastels would work really well with a Hamptons.

The design team at Porter Davis strongly values innovation and will continue to bring the next evolution of Hamptons styling to the SEQ market.

They are steadfast in our commitment to developing and innovating in areas of new product and construction methodologies.  To do this, they maintain a proactive relationship with our suppliers, conduct R&D tours, here and abroad, and scour the world for design trends and innovation.

The Porter Davis Queensland team had their first HIA win for the best Brisbane display home in the over $500,001 category for the Marriott Grange with Hamptons interior, cementing their place as best in class for Hampton inspired designs and styling.

You can visit classic, resort, contemporary and / or nautical Hamptons style Porter Davis homes at The Surrounds, Rochedale, Killara, Pallara and Newport.