The Fifth Wall

1 February 2019 - 4 min read

The decision has been made. Hats off to your bravery, you are building a home. The design and floor plan are picked. Your style is sorted. Hours and hours have been spent agonizing over your flooring, the boundless array of stone colours for your benchtops, even the number of drawers you want in your wardrobe.

How much actual thought have you put into how things look above the shoulders?

Why not consider a few of these thoughtful designs and add a pop of interest to your haven.

Contemporary design can handle some architectural details.

Our Vermont 33 in the contemporary Cottesloe style agrees. The ceiling boards in a light caramel stain harmonise so beautifully with the similar tone of the kitchen cabinetry. It takes a lot care to get the tone of the tiled flooring right, so hats off to this pick.

A coffer ceiling is such a classic architectural detail and brings its “A” game to any room. The Waldorf Grange 49 at Doncaster showcases our layered, Lake Como style. To add even more depth and contrast, paint the inside of the coffer the same colour as the walls and the trim in a crisp, white paint colour.

Installing Glosswood on the ceiling can bring a real warmth to your alfresco. Using a textural element and rich stain like the one used on our Waldorf 44L in the Designer Chicago style, invites everyone to sit and enjoy our balmy Melbourne nights, even when they are not so welcoming.

A light and breezy take on the same Glosswood product connects all your living spaces, shown here in our Queensland Marriot Grange 49. Summers that go on for ever and ever can’t be a bad thing.

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