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The advantages of acreage

May 30, 2019 4min read

There’s something alluring about the thought of owning a little country estate – cleaner air, less noise and the sense of tranquility that comes with living a more secluded lifestyle. Not to mention city living generally limits your housing options to apartments, townhomes or houses on smaller blocks. This is no issue for many, but if your dream is a large bit of land to call your own an acreage might be the way to go!

If you’ve been on the fence about leaving the city behind there’s a lot to weigh up when deciding what will fit your lifestyle. Here at Porter Davis’ we’ve compiled our top reasons to consider making a tree change.

More land means a larger home

A larger property eliminates the issue of lack of space, which means you can build the house of your dreams – with all the inclusions! The best part of living on an acreage is the potential that your new lands holds and here at Porter Davis, we have products specially designed for bigger blocks.

Our Hillview and Hillside are the ultimate in urban luxury, combining design, value and functionality to create the ranch-style home you’ve always dreamed of. With 4 spacious bedrooms, multiple entertainment areas, plus luxury design options such as a triple garage or soaker tub, you’ll never want to leave! After choosing your preferred layout, our World of Style team are here to help you tailor your new house to your personal style and needs.

Property Value

You’re not the only one fantasizing about a country retirement. Retreating into nature is something that appeals to almost everyone and if you buy strategically, it can make you money at the same time. Purchase in the path of growth markets and check your desired area for zoning, building codes and other regulations that might affect your property down the track.

Discover your green thumb

Imagine walking outside with your morning coffee to watch the sunrise, accompanied by nothing but a few birds chirping. An acreage isn’t just a property, it’s a lifestyle. Take advantage of the change of scenery and bask in the serenity of your new home. Extra land means endless possibilities, so try your hand at something you’ve never had the opportunity to before like gardening.

We could go on forever about the perks of buying acreage, but we think the beauty of the Australian countryside pretty much speaks for itself!

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Images taken from our Hillside 35 home design