So why the second soil test and survey?

12 September 2011 - 5 min read

You’ve already had a soil test and survey on your new home site, but now there are plans for a second one and you want to know why! Fair enough.

There’s a good reason for it, trust us.

Have you ever tried building lego on a marshmallow? Probably not, and we wouldn’t like to try building a house on one either, which is why accurate soil tests and surveys are so important.

If a site has been disturbed by soil removal, site cut or the demolition of a home since the initial report was conducted, a second soil and survey will be required.

The additional soil and survey provides us with accurate information to determine the founding depths for the footing system designed specifically for your home. The foundations can be piers, screw piles, concrete slab or strip footings and it all depends on the soil classification – identified by the all important soil test and survey.

A good builder will want to make sure they have 100% accurate and current soil test and survey information on your site before they start construction, otherwise they risk building on an unstable surface.