Seven questions for your builder

11 September 2010 - 6 min read
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If you want to own a well-built home and have a bit of fun building it, then choosing the right builder is important, as this will directly affect how enjoyable (or difficult!) your home building experience will be.

Here are seven essential questions you should be asking your builder before you make a decision:

1. Do you offer guaranteed site start and construction finish dates? Without these, it’s hard to wrap up your current living arrangements because you have no idea when you’re moving in. It could also mean that you pay more. Guaranteed construction timeframe = more money in your pocket & certainty!

2. What site costs are included in house and land packages? Sometimes site expenses aren’t clearly discussed and can seriously blow out your budget.

3. Do you charge extra to build a house on my land? You shouldn’t have to fork out more money to build on your dream block of land – but with some builders this is the case so you need to ask the question up front.

4. How long is the warranty, what structural guarantees are in place and what terms and conditions apply? Sometimes things happen that no one can control, like natural movement of the earth. You need warranties and guarantees in place to protect you for as many years as possible.

5. Do you offer high energy ratings? 5 star homes are more affordable in the long run, better for the environment and are now a requirement of the Victorian government.

6. How equipped or diverse is the colour selection showroom? Options, options! We all want options!

7. Do you have a customer service charter? A builder that can clearly state their promises to you is more likely to follow through.

It’s also a good idea to ask friends and family about their building experiences and gather any feedback you can about builders on your short list.