Q&A What’s an M Class Slab?

27 January 2012 - 1 min read

Q&A: What’s an M Class Slab?

Hi Ana, Thank you for your enquiry regarding slab typesThe “M” class slab is a waffle slab and comes as standard with the Foundation & Connections Pack for all of our Porter Davis homes. Included with the standard Foundation & Connections Pack, we provide engineer designed “M” class waffle slab, concrete pump, termite protection, sewer and storm water to 650msq lot, building setback to 5m, allowance of 12m underground power, gas connection up to 20m, dry tapping type water connection (on same side of street) and 300mm of site fall to building area.

The soil and survey testing will determine if your home requires anything above the standard allowance. This is what determines your site costs for your home.

Yours kindly,
Porter Davis