Q & A – Can I BYO my own tradie or supplier?

11 February 2011 - 5 min read

Your partner is a painter, your buddy is good at plumbing, and your Dad’s a qualified electrician and you’re thinking of using their services to save you some hard earned cash.

There are a few things you need to think about before you do because sometimes using external contractors on your builder’s construction site is either not allowed or has some guidelines.

  • The main reasons for it not being allowed are OH&S compliance and quality of workmanship. Using an external contractor onsite means they have to be fully qualified and undergo builder induction as their work will still be subject to independent quality inspections so the builder can meet their quality guarantees.
  • There are construction site entry restrictions, which your Site Supervisor can advise you on.
  • Ultimately you’ve already paid for the complete home and unselecting bits and pieces won’t actually save you lots of money because the builder relies on access to supplier discounts to offer you the best price (And can often be in exclusive discount agreements, which mean they can only use that particular supplier in a certain suburb or region. This will mean your tradie will still need to order through your builder and their supplier).

If you do have a bricklayer, tiler or painter for a partner or in the family, it’s always best to ask your builder and see what to go is for your situation.

So give your partner, buddy and your Dad a beer instead while you all sit back and watch the dream come alive.