Pet friendly spaces in your home

29 July 2015 - 5 min read

Pets are part and parcel of many family homes and there’s no reason they should cramp your interior style. Incorporate some pet friendly solutions and relax knowing your pet is comfortable and happy, without compromising your style!

Interior style needn’t go out the doggy door when there are pets at your place, so take the lead (pun intended!) with a few of the following creative ideas and comfortably, practically and stylishly include your favourite furry family members.

For your puppy

With hundreds of new options for pet furniture and couches, why not get a mod dog-couch just for your puppy. Once they learn it is their domain, they will know straight where to go to whenever they are inside the home.

Not keen on the dog-couch? Would you prefer to have your puppy with you? With many pet-friendly fabric coverings now available, there is no reason why you can’t cuddle your puppy on the lounge every night. Invest in a pet-friendly fabric couch. Check out this list of pet-friendly fabrics so your couch will endure wear and tear, and stop the puppy ruining the upholstery.

For an added splash of animal friendly colour, consider buying some colourful leashes and hang them at the front door on big antique hooks, or sleek designer rods that suit the rest of your interior style. What a fun entry hallway feature!? With quick access and a spot so the leash never goes missing, you will never have an excuse not to walk the dog.

For your kitten

Use some funky wooden feature cut outs on your wall, which will double as a display and also as climbing jungle gym for your cat. With so many different ideas to choose from, your cat will love the new addition to the home. Look at this German-designed cat furniture here for some inspiration.

Plant an indoor garden for your cat to play in and do their business. Select from resilient indoor plants and bring some life to your living space. You can add a small cat litter tray as part of the garden.  This is a discreet way to hide their mess but still keep the cat inside with the family.

Invest in a home aquarium

Use a beautiful glass feature piece and buy a stylish aquarium tank that enhances your overall interior theme. Use lighting and your favourite colourful fish for a visual feast (not an edible one!).

Hang a vintage birdcage

Join the trend and buy your very own vintage birdcage. Select a rustic black or decorative white cage and make it a centerpiece of your home. When you make it home for your favourite-winged family members it will add life to the house. Hang some fun toys for your bird, like a mirror and a bell inside the cage.

Think about storage spaces

Use hide-away spaces, like antique chests or built-in drawers that are near where your cat or dog plays. You can use the storage for large pet toys and items. Then the items can be quickly packed away when guests come over. Think of new ways you can store these items – design a set of built-in drawers that double as a day bed or window seat.

Are you looking to buy a pet? Think about adopting one from the RSPCA. Use their Puppy and Kitten Buyer Guides to make the best choice for your household.