Onsite construction – what is going to happen and when?

8 October 2010 - 4 min read

It can be really frustrating when you are building a home and you don’t know what’s happening onsite or when it’s happening. So we’ve put together an overview of the main steps when building your Porter Davis home.

Stage 1
Base stage – The first sign of construction! Excavation of your land, underslab drains laid and the concrete slab is poured.

Stage 2
Frame stage – Shaping up! Your frame is constructed and the roof trusses installed.

Stage 3
Lock up stage – It looks finished from the outside! Your roof and brickwork is completed, plumbing installed, all electrical, security, ducted vacuum and heating and cooling fitted. BSS Group will head out to your block and do an independent quality inspection.

Stage 4
Fixing stage – Eye on the inside! Plaster linings, kitchens and vanities installed plus your stairs if you’re building a double storey home. BSS Group visit for the second time to check on our workmanship.

Stage 5
Practical completion stage – No longer just a shell, it’s starting to feel like a home! Painting, wall and floor tiling complete, all electrical, plumbing, heating and vacuum systems fitted, shower screens, mirrors and splashbacks installed. Your new best friend, the Independent Quality Inspector, returns to do what he does best.

Stage 6
Settlement stage – The final inspection is conducted by the Independent Quality Inspector and Site Supervisor. And then, 7 days after final payment, she’s all yours!

Once the onsite construction has finished – it’s house warming time! You’ll also move into the after build care  phase, giving you complete peace of mind in your new home.