New house and land also equals faster access to NBN

31 January 2013 - 6 min read

If you’re in the market for a new house and land package, you’ll be pleased to hear that you’ll most likely secure a National Broadband Network (NBN) enabled home offering super speedy and more reliable internet, with new developments first in line for installation.

The Australian Government announced a commitment to super speedy internet as a priority and although it’s had a few issues getting off the ground, you can start those hand exercises and train your fingers for speed typing because the National Broadband Network (NBN) is now being rolled out across Australia’s newest land developments.

A new home AND faster, more reliable broadband internet access – score!

At Porter Davis, we are the experts in all elements home building but we’ve long partnered with the technology experts at Argus Technologies, based at our Hopetoun Interiors showroom, to ensure your home is up to speed across all the latest technologies.

The Argus team explain:

  • The NBNCo is allowing access to higher quality and higher speed services through their Optic Fibre Cable.
  • This is connected to the Phone and Data points around your home (no messy cords – yah!).
  • If you are building in an area that currently does not have Optic Fibre being run through the estate, it is very possible that it might at a later date, which is why we offer a “preparation package” that includes the required infrastructure needed for the future connection (tech savvy home of the future – tick!).
  • As far as internet providers go, you can choose to stay with your current service provider or choose from a range of others – this information is on NBNCo’s website.
  • In general, it is the responsibility of developers to install fibre-ready facilities (pit and pipe) and arrange for the installation of telecommunications infrastructure. Developers may choose any provider they wish to provide infrastructure to new developments.
  • Your developer should be able to tell you which carrier is providing telecommunications infrastructure in your estate.
  • The difference with other Smart Wiring Fibre is the Carrier/Service Provider. They all run the same/similar cable, however have different connection requirements e.g. They may require a cabinet/enclosure, requirements within the cabinet/enclosure and a minimum number of service points e.g. Phone, data, TV, pay TV.- It is purely at the discretion of the developer and who they choose as their preferred fibre installer.
  • There are multiple carriers that run Optic Fibre e.g. Telstra, Opticomm, OpenNetworks, Multinet, CNT Corp, Places Victoria, and many more popping up regularly.
  • Some of these carriers also provide the infrastructure for TV services to come through on the Optic Fibre, however, NBN does not support this.

To find out more, visit or see if your address is on the NBN roll out map to get an idea of when NBN is available in your area.

You can also contact the Argus team at Hopetoun Interiors on 9922 0500 or drop them an email at if you have any questions!