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Moving Home Made Easy

January 2, 2011 8min read

Peter Sadler Transport is a PD Rewards Partner and absolute professionals when it comes to moving home.
To take the pressure off and make the moving process simple, Peter Sadler Transport has put together the following timetable to help you organise what should be an exciting and enjoyable experience!

Two months out

• Arrange a free, no obligation home appraisal. A good removalist won’t charge for this service.

• Start to rid your place of any unwanted clutter (arrange a skip, donate, garage sale etc). Don’t leave this until you unpack as the relocation time can be hectic, especially if you have young children.

• Arrange your packing materials (if packing yourself). If you contract Peter Sadler Transport, these will be delivered to your door by a representative.

One month out

• Pack items that you don’t use regularly such as fine china, crystal, dvd’s, and books.

• Clear out and start organising the garage/shed. This is usually where the biggest problem and sometimes cost exists. Many garage items are ‘non-square’ and therefore, take time to pack. They also take up a lot of space in the moving truck.

One to two weeks out

• Organise a suitcase for the clothing you and your family will require for the day of the relocation – don’t forget toiletries.

• Pack away majority of the kitchen, leaving everyday items out until the night before including enough cutlery, crockery and pantry items.

• The night before, leave out enough plates, bowls, cups, knives & forks for your takeaway.

• Leave the toaster and kettle for the morning. Have a spare box to pack these items into once the relocation commences.

On the day and into your new home

• It will be a busy day! If you have any questions it’s your right to ask the head removalist. They are trained and experienced to work efficiently in a challenging environment.

• The day after the move can be just as hectic. You will almost certainly have asked the removalist team to put a box in a room, which you will have changed your mind about at 3am. But don’t stress. If there are items which require a lift from the removalist team, don’t hesitate to re-contact your removalist.

Please remember

• Everything that can be boxed should be boxed and in professional moving boxes – MORE SQUARE MEANS SAFER AND LESS EXPENSIVE. All boxes must be sealed top and bottom.

• Where you packed your jewellery, passport and other important or expensive items, simply take these small items yourself.