More Than Just A Bit Of Dirt

8 March 2019 - 5 min read

Land is just land right!? As it turns out purchasing a block of land isn’t all what it seems! There are a few things you should keep in mind before buying that bit of dirt soon to be your future home.

House and Land packages at Porter Davis are put together by a team dedicated to checking land day in and day out! When they pick land for these exclusive packages they check for a number of potential cost raising items which they then include (and then fix the price!) So there are no unexpected surprises, the price is what you pay. We have spoken with the House & Land team and put together a list of must check items!

Soil Type

As it turns out, not all dirt is made of the same… dirt? Some soil contains ‘reactive soil’ which refers to changing moisture content. This means some slabs need to have piers (concrete poured under the slab) which helps stabilize and protect the house from sinking or buckling. This can cost a lot depending on how many you need, and how deep they need to go! You can’t tell what the soil type is until you have a soil report completed (after the land is titled). Here at Porter Davis, we have helped so many people get into their dream home (in locations all across Melbourne) we have a great understanding on what areas have great soil (and which are potentially problematic). One less thing you need to worry about!


Flat is always best when it comes to land. A block of land on the side of a cliff may have an amazing view, but it will be very costly to build on! When buying your first block of land ideally try and find something under a meter of slope. This will ensure volume builders will be able to build on it – otherwise you may be forced to get an architect involved. If you want to know the slope of a block, speak to your Land Sales representative and ask for Engineering with finished levels. A Porter Davis New Home Consultant can then use that document to calculate this for you! (TLDR; too much slope = custom builder = $$$$).

Developer Covenants

Have you ever wondered why new estates look so good? Well Developer covenants are to thank! When creating new communities developers create a little rule book that each house in that estate must adhere to. These range from particular colours that can’t be used (no pink houses) to recycled water. Each estate is different, and even each stage can be too! It’s important to read through this document as there might be added expenses you need to add on to ensure your house gets the approval. House and Land packages at Porter Davis already include all of these items so we can get your future home approved and ready to go!

If all of this seems too hard and a bit daunting, don’t worry! Porter Davis have checked everything, and fixed the price for you. No unexpected expenses to your build!! Have a look at our latest and greatest House and Land packages