Mix and match your blinds for style

4 November 2011 - 10 min read

There was a time not too long ago, when if you ordered new blinds or window coverings, there was a tendency to match all and one.

Not only would every window be the same style and fabric, but you might’ve also had matching pillows or upholstery.

How times have changed according to both of our PD Rewards partners specialising in window coverings, The Blind Factory and Kreative Design.

Home owners in today’s market opt for flexibility and versatility to create more functionality and style, while textured fabrics are especially popular at the moment.

  • New homes generally feature a combination of bi-fold doors, sliding doors and large spanning windows or glass features, which one type of blind or curtain just doesn’t service.
  • Most clients now used a combination of roman blinds, shutters, sheer and block out roller blinds, feature curtains or awnings to get the best look and functionality over windows and doors.

Bi-fold doors

Roman blinds best suit bi-fold doors, because they are easy to drop down at night when you want privacy while they allow natural sunlight in and stay out of the way during the day when the door is open. Traditional or sheer curtains can also work well over bi-fold doors.

Kitchen, lounge, theatre and dining room

Shutters are the most popular option in the kitchen, lounge room and even theatre rooms and rumpus areas, because they look great, they’re easy to clean and they allow residents to control light and privacy easily. Curtains are also remerging as a popular trend in theatre rooms and as feature windows as they add instant drama.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

A combination of sheer and block out roller blinds are the most popular in bedrooms and bathrooms. They offer more than an all or nothing choice and the sheer blinds allow plenty of natural light in during the day without forgoing privacy. The block out blinds are great for small children’s bedrooms for day time naps, while they provide complete privacy at night.

West facing windows

Installing awnings on sun affected windows and doors can also give your home greater insulation and help to reduce your air-conditioning costs in summer. They are also available in a range of colours and styles, so no, you don’t have the have the daggy 1980’s style from your Grandma’s house.

Interior features

Laser cut screens are being used to add a point of interest, with some owners opting to use them as room dividers or in voids to create and enhance the space, while plantation shutters are also popular to divide internal walls as they can be custom stained or painted to suit your style.

If you want new window coverings installed before the relatives descend at Christmas, it’s time to order now so that they arrive in time! Please visit www.theblindfactory.com.au or www.kreative-design.com.au and remember to mention your PD Rewards card!