Melbourne’s 2015 top 10 interior styles revealed

29 June 2015 - 5 min read

Melbourne’s interior designer devotees have voted, and with over 100,000 World of Style personality quiz responses tallied, we can now reveal the top 10 most wanted interior styles of 2015.

The results may surprise you with the chilly winter weather knocking at the door, but the four most wanted World of Style interior design themes on the top 10 list are cool, calm and sophisticated Resort options.

Airlie Beach comes in first for the second consecutive term, while Malibu, Portsea Beach House and Whitsundays have also maintained their leading positions.

The Resort themes are a far cry from the ostentatious 80s-styled holiday resorts you might be imagining. With their world-class fusion of textured and patterned fabrics, mixed with gorgeously detailed timber furniture pieces, these modern home designs are directly inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful resorts.

The next four highest ranking themes are from the Classic World of Style range, which is perhaps more to be expected of the Melbourne market. Our quiz results place Bordeaux – France, Champagne – France, Classic Hamptons and Venice next in line on the most wanted home designs list.

These are styles designed for those who appreciate the classically driven look. With their strong balance of texture, colour and pattern, mixed with effortlessly stylish furniture and antiques, the classic interior design themes in this style allow you to accumulate pieces that pass the test and time of style. These are themes that delve into a whole new world of style, while staying true to classic inspiration.

Closing off the top 10 are the Contemporary interior design looks of the Bondi and Cottesloe World of Styles, both first time entrants to the list but long time beauties.

Clean lines and simple colour palettes allow the structural design to become the outstanding feature of the home in Contemporary World of Style themes. Chrome details mix perfectly with fabric and dark timbers to create a cool sensory experience that isn’t even slightly sterile. Funky artwork and feature lighting complete the look.

Whether your preference is for the Resort, Classic, Contemporary or Designer styles from the World of Style, rest assured that each theme offers the very best in effortlessly stylish modern home design, from Porter Davis’ expert team of interior designers.

What results did your World of Style personality quiz return?