Make a style splash in the kitchen

11 June 2015 - 12 min read

What is a splashback?

Splashbacks are the panels that sit behind sinks and stoves and act as a protective surface from moisture and cooking debris. While they serve a practical function, they can greatly affect the look and style of your kitchen and are therefore also used for decorative purposes.

Styling your splashback 

If you’re looking to create a timeless splashback feature in your new home, consider the following tips from our Senior Interior Designer.

  • Window splashbacks are incredibly popular. Not only do they draw natural outdoor light into interior spaces, but they are also much more affordable than they used to be, thanks to modern innovations in glass technology and manufacturing. Another benefit is their stylistic longevity. Because they are window features and not just fashion statements, they won’t date.

Classic elements of the brick style tile still look great as a splashback, while simple glass splashbacks work well if you’re after a streamlined look.

Printed glass splashbacks are another effective way to introduce some personality to your kitchen and create a focal point in the room. From geometric patterns to iconic landscapes, the choice is all yours.

The best advice for installing a lasting splashback style is to decorate to your personal tastes and not conform to current fashion fads.