Knock Down Rebuild in Queensland

25 March 2019 - 4 min read
New England with Balcony shown on Hayman 39

Knock Down Rebuild is an appealing option for existing homeowners who love the neighbourhood they’ve lived in for years, but desire a different type of space or a complete style refresh. With the cost of renovations also continuing to rise steeply, a knock down rebuild offers the perfect solution for transforming your home to suit your lifestyle.

At Porter Davis Queensland, we know that building a home is a brave new venture. That’s why we’ve created a knock down rebuild process that keeps you informed and supported every step of the journey. It’s our way of protecting and nurturing your dream home, and helping to make it a reality.

Getting started

The first thing we need to begin your knock down rebuild is to know if you’re in our build zone. We build in three main zones: the North Zone (Sunshine Coast), Central Zone (Brisbane) and South Zone (Gold Coast).

Once we’ve established this, you’ll begin the exciting journey of finding the right home for your family. At Porter Davis Queensland, our range of beautiful double and single storey homes are perfectly designed to suit the Queensland lifestyle, from the open spaciousness of the Hayman to the cool modernity of the Stradbroke to the stylish and compact Hillman.

Later in the process, you’ll have the opportunity to review stunning interior design options from World of Style. With 36 interior styles to choose from, you’ll be inspired by the variety of kitchen and bathroom designs, fixtures and fittings, and storage solutions on offer through World of Style.

The checklist

When assessing your block of land for a knock down rebuild, there are things you’ll need to consider upfront. These include, but are not limited to: planning regulations, street frontage, street access, drainage, power supply, setbacks, easements, orientation and natural light, your driveway position, and the size, depth and slope of your block of land.

Remember than you may need your neighbours’ consent for aspects of your design. Also, if you’re intending to put in a new pool or keep your old one, be sure to discuss this with us in the preliminary stages.

What you need to know

After you’ve found the perfect Porter Davis home to put on your block, we’ll take you through some key things you need to know and outline who looks after what during demolition and construction. For example, while we will visit your block of land to conduct an extensive site assessment, we do not provide in-house demolition services, so you will need to appoint these yourself.

You’ll also need to account for matters such as existing fencing and if this will need to be removed, temporary fencing for the demolition phase, the position of your water meter and if it needs protection, the possible necessity of tree removal, and the disconnection of your existing services.

At Porter Davis, we have extensive experience with knock down rebuilds and are more than happy to answer any queries you may have during the process. We’ll be on hand to guide you through your knock down rebuild from start to end.

Demolition and construction

Once your existing dwelling has been demolished, preparations for construction can begin. We will confirm final site costs, complete a pre-construction inspection, and present you with final construction drawings for you to sign before we commence. After this, your new home is ready to be built!

If you’re ready to discuss knocking down and rebuilding your home with Porter Davis Queensland, find out more information about the knock down rebuild process with Porter Davis Queensland or contact our friendly team organise a site assessment.