Introducing MyHome

16 June 2021 - 4 min read

Fan of Pinterest?

Then you’ll love MyHome!

Ever wished there was a central place you could save all of your favourite Porter Davis homes, virtual tours, styles and tutorial videos? Your prayers have been answered! Introducing MyHome: an online account right here on the Porter Davis website where you can create your own unique log in and start bringing your vision board to life instantly.

Warning: users may find this feature extremely addictive.

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Step One

Look for the PD Wishlist Icon

As you navigate around our site you’ll notice a tonne of homes, videos, virtual tours and World of Style themes have a little heart in the top right corner. This means all of these items can be saved to your own personal board instantly! Simply click on the heart to get started. If you’ve never logged in before, you’ll be directed to create an account. Once signed in, you’ll be able to start saving all your favourites to your new MyHome board.

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Step Two

Start Building Your Board

Building your MyHome board is simple. Start by browsing our website and any time you see something you love, click the heart icon to add it to your visual inspiration catalogue! It’s a fantastic way to start planning for your new home by saving any floorplans and styles you like for when you log on in the future. Start piecing together your dream one ‘like’ at time!

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Step Three

Share Your Board

Is your MyHome account slowly turning into an extravagant dream home masterpiece? Excite your friends and family by sharing your creation with them. Simply click the ‘Share Board’ button to receive your personalised link which you can pass onto whoever you like! If you enjoy our interactive content, such as our exciting new Porter Davis Experiences or World of Style Quiz, like’ it and share your board with someone to get them in on the fun!

Feeling creative?

Why wait! Start pinning your dream today. Follow the link below to begin building your MyHome board.