How to inject some French ‘oooh la la’ into your home

13 February 2019 - 4 min read

The pioneers of buttery croissants and the beret, the French are not only known for incorporating their Parisian style onto their sense of fashion but also into their own homes. Patrizia Romeo, a World of Style designer, describes the French look as “beautifully romantic” and said it “makes people feel right at home”. Here are some of Patrizia’s key tips and tricks on integrating elements of French style for your home:

Let the Français Flow

Patrizia’s most important tip is to embrace the overall French theme throughout the entire home which makes for a fluent flow, rather than creating a divide from the varying themes of rooms. French-style styling won’t work if it’s just kept to a room or two.

Naturelle Light Shine Bright

Patrizia also stresses the significance of natural light as “it helps create a softness that underpins the overall feel”.

Couleur is Key

Incorporating neutral tones as your core palette, like painting walls in soft greys and the trims in whites should visually ground the look and tie the elements of each room together. Patrizia recommends interspersing your décor with hints of pastel colours, including duck-egg blue and lemon, in the form of cushions, small decorator items and artwork. Including warmer inky blues, sage green and charcoals for contrast can also work well, as does layering different mix of textures in fabric. “Linens and cottons, with extra layers of velvet in soft pastel tones, and hints of darker contrast colours can add depth and texture to the space,” Patrizia said.

Bold is Beau

Another idea is to map out a classic statement piece first, like an oversized furniture whilst still remaining mindful of room proportions. By determining the statement piece of furniture,  rest of the other furniture can work from there.

Having traditional design motifs such as fleur-de-lis or floral patterns onto cushions, or, even perhaps wallpaper can also help to give a more dramatic effect to a room.

Bring Le Louvre to La Maison

The same can be said on the subject on artwork, Patrizia recommended images in simple, classic frames. Imagery that works well includes whimsical prints of birds, flowers, vintage French posters, black and white photos of landscapes and iconic French landmarks.

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