How To: Create a Hamptons Style Kitchen

3 December 2019 - 5 min read

As the original pioneers of Hamptons style in Australia, we had an inkling of the demand that our relaxed adaption of the iconic American look would create but never could we have anticipated that the Hamptons would continue to reign supreme well over 5 years later!

Contemporary Hamptons style is all about blending modern and cool with classic and welcoming. Drawing inspiration from the communities that make up the eastern beaches of New York’s Long Island, each home boasts a look that is distinctly its own while still adhering to the laid back feel of the area. At Porter Davis we strongly believe nailing the Hamptons look is as much about originality and innovation as it is about paying homage to tradition.

So what makes a Hamptons style kitchen… Hamptons?

Timeless elegance is what underpins each unique spin on the Hamptons look. Creating an on-trend Hamptons style kitchen is all about blending traditional elements with more modern features, evoking contemporary cool within classic elegance.

Our expertise in the Hamptons space means we are well versed in how to recreate the look in a variety of ways. When designing your home, keep in mind there are endless possibilities available when taking it and making it your own. Every Hamptons style kitchen may have classic roots but layerings of personality are what makes each space unique. This can come through in a variety of style elements, such as statement decor pieces or fabric choices. Our many adaptions of traditional Hamptons, such as the ever-popular Beach Club, is a testament to how diverse and wide-reaching this style truly is.

If there’s one space to concentrate on creatively when designing your new home, it is without a doubt the kitchen. The central hub for most families, this hearty space brings everyone together, offering an opportunity to connect through food. A Hamptons style kitchen is the centre of attention in an open plan living space, creating expansion through a strategically placed island bench and grand windows to welcome in natural light.

How to emulate Hamptons style

A key element of nailing this iconic look is ensuring your open plan space flows seamlessly into an outdoor entertaining area. Designed to have an emphasis on sunlit spaces, a free-flowing floorplan uses floor-to-ceiling or bi-fold doors to bring resort style vibes into your home.

Emphasising light (both natural and in your material finishes) will aid in adding an air of sophistication to your design. Simplicity is key, so basic detailing, light washed timber flooring and traditional carpentry techniques are elements to consider.

Inspired by the beachy landscape of America’s east coast, adorning your kitchen with an airy colour palette of soothing whites, soft greys and plush creams gives homage to classic Hamptons excellence. Use pastel hues of duck egg blue and crisp sage throughout decor if you’re looking to inject some contemporary vibes for a more dramatic effect.

The crème de la crème of any Hamptons style kitchen is without a doubt iconic ‘shaker style’ cabinetry. A style of recessed doors in which there is a frame around the panel, this versatile design is suited to both classic and contemporary homes due to the elegance and simplicity of the look. Primarily, white finishes are used with glass panelled overhead cabinet doors and classy nickel plated handles. A long-time favourite of Hamptons lovers everywhere, if you’re looking to emulate the traditional style of the America’s east coast then without a doubt shaker style is a must!

When it comes to work spaces such as your island bench, classic Hamptons style seeks to incorporate high-end finishes such as marble-look stone benchtops—a perfect choice due to its natural and timeless qualities. Bronze and metal feature lighting will contrast a crisp, white colour palette, while oversized pendants will add to the scale of a room— a dramatic addition for those with high ceilings.

Your Hamptons style kitchen can’t be complete without timber look flooring, working to emphasise lighter colours to create a feeling of casual luxury. Using pops of blue, sage and luscious greens will bring the traditionally neutral look to life, giving you a unique spin on a timeless classic that the whole family will adore.

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