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How to choose the perfect exterior colour for your new home

18 May 2021 - 6 min read
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Selecting exterior colours

When building a new home, choosing paint for your facade can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. After all, the outside of your house is what you come home to everyday. It also broadcasts your personal style to the outside world — so you want to get it absolutely perfect. “Do you want to stand out and make a statement, or blend in organically with your surroundings?” says Porter Davis designer Chiara Portesi. “Whatever your rationale, picking the right exterior colour for your home makes a big impression on passers-by, visitors and residents alike.” Before you start rifling through paint swatches, here are a few points to consider when it comes to painting the exterior of your dream home.
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Check estate covenants

The first step is working out what you can and can’t do. “Many estates have rules around colour themes and palettes for the exterior of your home to ensure the development looks uniform and seamless,” Portesi says. “It’s important to check this before you fall in love with any colour.” Restrictions will likely be spelt out in the contract you signed when buying your lot. Guidelines can also usually be found on the developer’s website.
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Find examples of what you like

Conjuring up the ideal vision of what you want your exterior to look like can be hard, so why not find something that already exists? “The easiest way to select exterior colours is to replicate a home you love,” Portesi says. She recommends browsing builder websites and hitting up social media to find something you want to copy. A tour around your favourite neighbourhood may also provide some great ideas. Portesi says get in the car or pound the pavement to find real-world examples and take photos to use as a reference.
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Visit display homes

Display homes and villages are a great way to see new ideas all in the one place. And at some point, you should pencil in a visit to see the latest trends in exterior paint. “We would recommend driving to our Porter Davis display homes and seeing some homes in real life,” Portesi says. “You’ll get a great idea of colours to suit your new home atheistic, plus seeing colours such as render on a large scale may look different to small colour samples.” The best part is you can get up close to inspect exterior colours. If you see something you like, ask the consultant what paint has been used.
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Make a flat lay colour board

Want to know if the colours you’ve selected match? A fun and inexpensive way to check is to create a flat lay board, says Portesi. “When you see the colours laid out in front of you, it’s much easier to see if the tones work together,” she says. Put your paint colour on the board along with any examples of tiles, materials or finishes used on your home facade. Lay them out in different combinations, overlap them, rearrange them and take photos. Portesi says this will quickly give you a good idea of what mix of colours work best.
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Bring in help

Often, multiple hues are used on a home’s exterior, so it’s worth speaking to a colour consultant to make sure your paint choices are on point before locking them in. “At Porter Davis we have our interior design showroom World of Style, which helps new clients select colours for their home,” says Portesi. These experts can be used simply as a sounding board, or if you want more in-depth advice, they can recommend complementary colours, shades that stand the test of time, as well as advising on how to achieve a bold look without going overboard.
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Don’t forget the small stuff

Decorative detail on your home’s facade plays a big role in any good paint theme. You will need to think about what architectural features to accentuate and which ones to hide. “You might picture bricks, render and your roof colours, but it’s important to remember the other parts of your facade too,” says Portesi. “Think doors, trims, fascia, gutters and flashing.” To make these features blend into the background, you can paint them with your dominant colour. But if you want things like trimmings and fascia to stand out, think about using an unexpected pop of colour, or a charcoal or white paint to create an elegant outline. Don’t forget to make note of the exterior natural light and orientation of the home. If the home is facing north, different undertones will be apparent in the sunlight compared to south-facing and shaded orientations. Originally posted on Realestate.com.au