How to build on irregular blocks

13 August 2020 - 6 min read

It’s no secret that housing blocks come in all shapes and sizes, and if you’ve been land shopping for a suitable lot to build your new home, it’s likely that you would have come across an irregular block before. Building on irregular blocks may seem daunting, but they’re actually a great option for people looking to maximise outdoor space. 

When it comes to lot configuration there are many different options on the market, so it’s important to know the difference and which one is best suited to the type of home you wish to build. While many people think that they need to find a perfectly rectangular block to be able to build the design they want, the truth is these lots aren’t the only viable option for new home builders looking for something versatile to work with. Quite often, land that is avoided due to its non-conventional shape provides the perfect base for a home that is truly unique and functional.

What does an irregular lot mean?

An irregular lot basically refers to any block of land that doesn’t fit within a traditional shape, such as a square or, more commonly, a rectangle. You’ll find pretty much every new housing development consists of some irregular-shaped blocks, as developers work within the existing landscape of the area.

Building on irregular blocks

When working with an irregular block of land it’s important to partner with an experienced builder who has floorplans that are flexible enough to suit, as well as a good understanding of how to work with the constraints of your land.

Our Stanhope 41 display at Olivine is the perfect example of how to maximise space on an irregular lot. As you can see, an alfresco and pergola have been extended off the kitchen and family area, while a second pergola has also been added to the guest bedroom and living. There’s also an abundance of green space, which wraps around all sides of the home.

While irregular lots may initially seem intimidating, once you work out the positioning of your home they can offer unparalleled features. We regularly hear of customers avoiding these types of blocks as they worry it will limit their design limitations, which is why we’ve developed a range of flexible floorplans. The nature of these home designs means you can adapt them to suit most irregular land lots, creating a truly unique new home that fits perfectly with your block – no matter the shape.

Benefits of irregular blocks

If you connect with the right builder, there are many benefits to working with an irregular block that largely outweigh any of the challenges.

Value for money
Irregular blocks provide more value for money as they are generally larger and less expensive per square metre. The lot size provides the opportunity to build a much larger home, and the money saved on land will allow you to make further customisations to suit.

Large outdoor areas
The biggest benefit to building on an irregular block is the opportunity for large, wrap-around outdoor areas. Our range of flexible floorplans and irregular lot house and land packages use alfrescos and pergolas to make optimal use of this space, allowing the yard to continue seamlessly around the home and providing plenty of room to entertain. We ensure there’s no wasted space on your block, which leaves room for any add-ons you may want such as a pool or kids play area.

Abundance of natural light
Due to the unique shape of an irregular lot, there is much greater potential to maximise sources of natural light in your new home. At Porter Davis we carefully consider the orientation of our designs on the block so that light can be leveraged from most angles and there is less overshadowing from neighbours.

A unique end product
The best thing about matching our flexible floorplans with an irregular lot is that every block is different, which means so is every house! By having a design adapted to suit your block you can get the feel of a custom build, minus the hefty price tag. When (and if) it comes time to sell, your house will stand out as a more bespoke offering.

Building on irregular blocks doesn’t have to be scary, and the decision to choose a non-conventional shaped lot will allow you to get creative with your builder and create a unique and exciting new home.

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