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Our Hamptons townhome facade reveal! A first look…

June 11, 2020 5min read

As the builder that introduced the Hamptons style to Australia, we have a great understanding of how to re-create and diversify this now extremely popular look to fit many homes, budgets and lifestyles.

Our Hamptons facade designs pay homage to the east coast of New York, while having a modern flavour that is undeniably Australian. In fact when creating our take on this timeless classic, we sent our two senior designers on a research trip to visit the seaside villages and hamlets that hug the south-east coast of Long Island. This way they could see the architecture first hand and determine if we could recreate a similar style, adapted to our climate and laidback lifestyle.

The end result? An explosively popular and highly requested look that would see us continue innovating in the Hamptons space — constantly looking for ways to adapt this style to fit the many homes we offer to our customers.

Why Hamptons townhouses?

Townhouses provide the perfect option for many new homeowners seeking a low maintenance lifestyle, a close-knit community and a simplified build process. Originally developed to offer convenient living solutions to fit with modern life, many home builders fall into the trap of designing townhouses with strictly contemporary streetscapes to suit.

In actuality, the Hamptons is a fitting and versatile style which, when mixed elements of more traditional Australian medium density architecture, offers a truly extravagant streetscape. Plus, it means our customers can have the Hamptons look of their dreams on a much lower budget!

What’s in a Hamptons facade?

You might be wondering, what makes the Hamptons… well, Hamptons? There are certain features and key characteristics of a Hamptons style facade that define our take on this look, and ensure you can pick out a Porter Davis home from a mile away.

Porter Davis Lead Interior Designer, Patrizia Romeo, says there are a few structural elements that are important to adhere to when creating this look.

“Epitomising laid-back coastal living, our Hamptons modern facade features a classic profiled front door, gable bar decorative windows and gable roofing — creating symmetry and architectural interest.”

“Above the entry portico, a glazed door opens out from the master suite onto the timber balustrade or rendered covered balcony. Functional outdoor areas are key to liveability, and a balcony provides the ideal space to relax and enjoy surrounding vistas.”

When it comes to facade colours and finishes, Patrizia says it’s all about emulating that iconic Long Island coastal look with a few modern touches.

“A fresh palette keeps these homes in line with the more classic look, while a mix of light to mid-tone grey renders contrast with white weatherboard cladding and trims to create an Australian twist on the Hamptons style facade we all know and love.”

Stepping back and admiring these homes from the street, something as simple as fencing can be the icing on the cake and work to tie everything together.

“White front fencing not only highlights the perimeter of the façade, but adds to the quaint and homely charm that a classic streetscape is renowned for,” Patrizia says.

“To sum it up, our Hamptons style is luxurious yet homey; light and airy with a coastal charm; and timelessly stylish so it can be enjoyed by all for many years to come.”

Don’t take our word for it, view our brand new walk-through video of our Hamptons townhomes below.

Hamptons Townhomes at Aurora

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