Getting your head around site costs

6 October 2010 - 6 min read

A lot of people find site costs tricky, so don’t feel bad if you’re just a little confused by them. You’re not the only one! And the main reason is that most builders cannot give you an upfront figure on how much they will cost because they need to wait until they find out what’s in the ground after a soil test – and that’s when they discover what needs to be done to your land before it’s ready to have a house built on it.

This leaves a lot of people feeling uncertain and worried about what the costs could be.

Just to clarify, site costs are the expenses involved in:

  • Adding soil or removing it to level your block.
  • Preparing the land for slab and construction, which may need upgrading from a standard slab if it’s structurally required.
  • Removal of rocks so the builders have a nice smooth piece of land to work with and can run drains under your slab.
  • Site safety stuff like temporary fencing, local council OH&S requirements and protection for your driveway from heavy machinery.
  • Protection against nasty termites.
  • Street connections to all the essentials like plumbing, gas, water and electricity.

If you’re interested, the Porter Davis Complete package promotion has been created to bring some upfront certainty to site costs. This package includes all the site costs mentioned above for blocks with up to 500mm of site fall and up to 300mm of fill. And that’s on our land or yours.