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25 March 2019 - 3 min read

Hamptons Style Queen Susanna Tolo shares some tips on creating your own coastal style home in Australia.

Light, breezy and sophisticated it’s no wonder the Hamptons interior design style has grown in popularity around the world. Here in Queensland real estate agents, builders and designers have all witnessed increased interested in this timeless style.

The Hamptons has a relaxed elegance with a timeless and luxurious feel. These style of homes originated in Long Island coastal towns for the rich and famous, however it has adapted and is now found in many locations. The theme ages well, requiring little to no updating due to the classic look. This vibe is consistent in both the US version of the style and our very own Australian take of it.

I was recently invited to visit the Porter Davis Pallara display home which takes its interior inspiration from the Hamptons and infuses the look with a modern, youthful vibe.

How do you go about achieving this? Well, here’s 5 simple steps to get the look.

1. Neutral colour palette focused around whites and creams

The Pallara home combines classic Hamptons with the contemporary culture of Montauk – The variation is ‘Long Island’ style. The home’s colour palette achieves this with a number of variations of whites, with accents of grey and blue used as complementary notes. These neutral colours give the whole house its timeless charm and a fresh look and feel.

2. Wall panelling and built-in cabinetry 

Wall panelling and skirting and built-in cabinetry gives a home a simple-chic Hamptons aesthetic. Usually the panels are white, with the contrasting colour set on the wall above it. This provides a refined classic look and in this case can be complemented with weathered oak furniture and blackened timber floors.

3. Open areas with an open floor plan 

To create a sense of luxury you need space. Having an open plan design is crucial to the overall look and feel of a Hamptons inspired home. Your home should feel spacious with no cluttered area to be found, be it the living-room, the kitchen or the bedrooms. It is, if you will, the point where classical meets minimalism and for the minimalistic feel space is required. It calms the spirit and encourages the eye to look at the details rather than be lost in sea of items and textures.

The Hamptons style open space not only creates a sense of opulence, the modern, interlinked and unobstructed living kitchen and dining areas used here create places for doing things separately whilst sharing a sense of togetherness at the same time. I love that the Hamptons style helps create a relaxed atmosphere for sharing quality time with friends and family – And what is better than that?

4.  Quality furniture and furnishings

Now that the details are the main focus, one should make sure there’s quality to be found in them. Natural materials and textures help define the Hamptons style. Linen upholstery or white cotton are a popular choice for your furniture as they give that fresh, effortless elegance. Add a pop of colour with some soft blues and you have the perfect coastal vibe which I so very much love. Quality and not quantity is key. Having fewer objects enables the eye to better appreciate the finer details and find joy in discovering great craftsmanship and high-end materials around. This graceful style is designed to shift attention to the finer details. Anything super bold or modern will stand out, so use discretion with colour and patterns here.

5. Spacious, open kitchens

The Hamptons look would not be complete without a classic open kitchen. This popular theme is known for using white shaker style cabinetry with recessed panel doors. The Pallara home mixed this up by combining white and light timber on the cabinetry and nearby dining table. It’s all about the detail. The combination of the rounded cup pull handles and knob handles within the kitchen also helps to create a classic yet contemporary vibe here. The result is simple and stunning.

One of the exciting things about building your own home is planning the interior style. Once you identify the look you’re after, it’s important to realise that whilst consistency throughout your space is very important, you can still adjust the overall theme to suit your own personal style. Your choice in accessories, fittings and materials will infuse your Hamptons home with your own unique touch. There are lots of ways to vary the classic Hamptons interior design. Go more traditional or laid back, add more coastal, beachy décor or opt for traditional, luxury decorating. The choice is yours.

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