For the love of Long Island.. Discover the ‘new Hamptons’

15 November 2019 - 5 min read

Arguably the most important decision to make when building, the facade too often forms an afterthought behind things like layout, fixtures and fittings. Setting the tone for the rest of your home, your chosen frontage should be an expression of style while remaining a practical choice for what’s going to suit you now and well into the future.

Your facade reflects your style to the street, so it’s important to take into consideration what’s trending yet also what will pass the test of time. The Hamptons theme is tenacious in nature; a long-time favourite that has oozed opulence to every corner of the globe.
So, what makes this look so popular? And how has it continued to stand strong against other emerging styles?

Hamptons style varies with the landscape of the American east coast. From shorefront mansions to quaint beach bungalows, there’s an eclectic mix of designs to suit every lifestyle. A sub theme of this timelessly popular look, “the Long Island facade is our take on shingle style architecture, which is particularly abundant in the Hamptons,” says Porter Davis’ Senior Designer, Keith Fuller.

“The shingle style homes prevalent throughout Long Island itself were very much the inspiration for our initial concepts.”

Categorised by a palette of whites, soft greys and nautical blues, Long Island style successfully marries traditional and modish – darker hues and weatherboard cladding combining opposing elements to perfectly complement each other. Think traditional east coast affluence meets the rustic and relaxed fishing vibes of Montauk. Distinctive in design, the Long Island facade is a statement-maker, demanding all the attention in a streetscape.

The reign of the Australian Hamptons comes from its ability to perfectly complement a warmer climate, relaxed lifestyle and picturesque natural setting. The Long Island theme presents much less formal, leveraging coastal over traditional with weathered timberwork, a more contemporary colour scheme and emphasis on contrasting textures.

“A delicate balance of decorative timber work balconies, detailed mock, double-hung windows and simple sharp roof lines gave us our own dream Hamptons style house,” says Keith.

“A coastal type façade like the Long Island uses a soft, reflective colour palette to suit the calm and breezy nature of Australia’s eastern seaboard settlement.”

Keith also says strong contrasts can be used to sharpen up the appearance if you desire a more contemporary feel – a handy tip for homes located further inland, but still looking to exude casual coastal vibes.

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