Fine eye for details with an independent inspector

30 November 2010 - 4 min read

You probably don’t like the thought of having to hire an independent quality inspector to evaluate the quality of work on your new home – shouldn’t your builder just build a great home?

Much like any industry, building a home can be subject to many variations – particularly as the home is built by hand using tradesmen.

You could be building with the world’s greatest tradie but building a home isn’t like producing an appliance from a manufacturing plant.

The fact a home is built using natural products such as clay bricks and constructed mostly by hand, means there is room for inconsistencies. No one expects you to know the difference between unacceptable brick discolouration or be able to professional grade the quality of plaster, which is why it can pay to have an independent quality inspector.

Some builders will schedule independent quality inspections so make sure you check your contract – but many new home buyers also choose to appoint their own inspector for peace of mind.

An independent quality inspector will bat for your team, discovering any issues and resolving them as soon as possible.

If you want more information on finding an independent, the best idea is to Google independent quality inspections along with your suburb location.

To find out at what stages Porter Davis uses an independent quality inspector, make sure you read our post on onsite construction.