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Feature chairs

August 4, 2015 5min read

Add some flair and vivacity to your lounge or master bedroom with the addition of a feature chair. These signature furniture pieces can make a huge difference in changing the look and feel of a living space. Though they’ve been an underused secret in the past, feature chairs are quickly rising in popularity in the interior design world. So whatever design aesthetic you’re going for, whether you prefer a classic look at home or have a more contemporary design, you’ll be sure to find the perfect feature chair for you.

What’s the right style for you?

Feature chairs come in many sizes, shapes and forms, so they need careful consideration much like any other major piece of furniture that you would purchase. In many cases, a feature furniture item will be designed to make an impression or to emphasise a certain design element or aesthetic, so it’s important to think about what kind of look you’re aiming for. Classic feature chairs and sofas are simple, stylish and elegant, and much more pared down in comparison to designer feature chairs, which are bold pieces constructed from more unusual or striking fabrics in distinctive shapes.

Quality counts

The quality and make of your feature chair is important, as people will be drawn to it and you’ll likely find someone always sitting it! Make sure you consider the material it’s made from and whether or not it will be suitable for your home and lifestyle. Leather furniture is timelessly stylish, so whether your feature chair is made from new structured leather or worn aged leather, both will wear well and suit many interior designs. Fabric furniture creates a cosier and more intimate atmosphere and comes in a variety of patterns, colours and styles, so may be a more versatile choice. But remember, this doesn’t mean it has to be boring! There are some amazing fabric style chairs, even ones made out of deconstructed flags. Just ensure you invest in the right protector to ensure your feature piece is around for a long time.

Things to remember

While feature chairs are intended to stand out, they also need to align with the look and feel of the rest of the room. It’s all about enhancing what’s already there in your home, and because everyone’s interior design style is different, this means there’s no hard and fast rule for choosing new pieces of furniture. However, considering the following tips may help you to make your decision.

  • Placement: Experimenting with the positioning of different items within a room may yield some interesting insights, in terms of where your new feature piece should sit. This is a great way to mix things up and refresh the design of your home, and it’ll also help you to figure out how much space you really have and how to best take advantage of this.
  • Palette: Whether you’d like your feature chair to blend in with the colour scheme of the rest of the lounge, you’d prefer to create a splash of bright colour in an otherwise monochrome room, or you have other specific colour preferences, don’t forget to factor in the colour and/or pattern of your new chair in relation to your other furniture and its general surroundings.
  • Portability: Is your new feature chair one that can be moved around easily or switched into a different room? Ideally when you purchase a new piece of furniture, it’s one you want to invest in in the long term, so it might not sit in the same place forever. Finding a piece that will both look beautiful and fit into various areas of your home – your lounge, the master bedroom, a family room or den – will ensure you can really make the most of your piece. Whatever feature piece you choose, it simply needs to be reflective of the overall style of your home.
  • Practicality: Does your chair need to serve its main function and be comfortable to sit and lounge in, or is it mostly desired as a design piece for aesthetic purposes? Will the material or colour be difficult to maintain or keep clean, especially if you have young children or pets? Once you answer these questions, it’ll be much easier to narrow down the suitable options based on your needs.

If you’re feeling stuck for ideas, feel free to head to the World of Style to check out some of the amazing feature chairs featured in each of our design themes: Classic, Contemporary, Designer and Resort. You’ll be sure to come away feeling inspired!