Creative ways to keep your home warm this winter

10 July 2014 - 5 min read

By now, your heater is probably running around the clock as we hibernate during Melbourne’s chilly winter months. However, while artificial heating can be considered a necessity on those freezing nights, it’s also a good idea to consider alternate ways of warming up during the winter season.

Have you ever noticed that some spaces feel immediately warm, cosy and inviting?

It’s not just heating that makes a house or room feel warm. Smart interior styling and a few simple tricks can also help you to create a snug and welcoming atmosphere. For instance, smooth surfaces can be chilling in winter, so consider how you might add different textures to your home in order to boost warmth and comfort levels

The following additions to your bedroom, living room or kitchen might help your home to feel rugged up, not snowed under.

• Throws. A soft throw or two over a couch or armchair creates instant warmth and appeal. Throws can add a touch of diversity and a splash of colour to your living room, and the best part is they also double as much-needed blankets on those cold nights cuddled up on the couch.

• Cushions. Opt for some warm chocolate or latte-coloured cushions to foster the winter look. Aim to have a range of cushion sizes; not only will this be versatile and aesthetically appealing, but it’ll also help you and your family or friends to create a super comfortable spot on the couch.

• Candles. You’ll get the best of both worlds with these handy little mini heaters. Candles will ramp up the literal heat in any room, and they’ll also provide a great deal of welcoming warmth and ambiance.

• Rugs. Ideal to lie on and play with the kids or read the paper, rugs are a fantastic seasonal item that can keep your tootsies warm and add a stylish wintery vibe to the living spaces in your home.

• Curtains. A great form of natural insulation that you should definitely take advantage of during the colder months. Plush, thick curtains with a warm colour palette and eye-catching design can provide an attractive backdrop for your furniture and also help to keep the heat circulating inside your home.

• Vases. During winter, opt for solid-coloured vases in warmer hues or soft creams. Steer clear of cold clear glass vases if you’re aiming to create an appealingly cosy atmosphere.

While these items can help to make your home feel immediately warmer and cosier, it’s also worth exploring other ways in which the design, furniture and colour scheme of your rooms can be revamped for the winter months. Think rustic wooden furniture or altering your lighting design. You might be surprised by the difference a few strategically placed lamps or a string of lights can makes and it’s just another easy way to increase the sense of cheery warmth and vibrance in a room.

Given the fast and fleeting manner in which the seasons come and go, our Senior Interior Designers recommend having a seasonal styling cupboard in your home. This will enable you to buy seasonal items when they’re on sale and save them for the right time of year, as well as provide you with a handy space to store your favourite seasonal items. By having a seasonal cupboard, you can also mix and match different bits and bobs to refresh your interior styling with minimal cost, whenever the mood strikes you!