Create your own art gallery with family pictures

1 August 2011 - 8 min read

We sat down with PD Rewards partners and experts in all things photography and framing, Lifestyle Portraits to talk about how to best take, frame and use pictures in your home!

If taking pictures of yourself, what are the best pieces of advice you have for families?

Focus on finding a beautiful and casual location with plenty of natural light. Let your family have fun with the pictures and have some toys or balls to play with and just get snap happy. You’d be surprised at how well some of the most casual pictures can turn out but sometimes if you can’t get that ideal picture, it’s time to call the experts.

Where is the best place, or most popular location in the home to display pictures?

Pictures are so versatile that they can be shown off anywhere in your home but hallways, the main living area and the kitchen remain the top spots to showcase your family in print.

Are there areas where pictures generally don’t look good in the home?

No, in fact done with style you can even add pictures to the bathroom!

How often should you update the pictures in your home?

Family pictures should be updated every 3-5 years to give currency and also to provide you with a regular photographic timeframe of your family’s growth. You’ll really appreciate the effort as the kid’s grow up and the year’s fly by.

Should all the frames match throughout your home or can you mix and match different styles for different looks in different areas?

A particular series of photographic art should be in matched frames, for example, a feature in your hallway from a day at the beach, however not all framing should be matched with other art. If you have wood frames of some work but others in pewter it can provide a stylish balance as long as they’re not physically contrasting with each other in the same space.

How should you hang pictures? Are there any hanging products better than others?

Most people hang pictures too high, they should be at eye level (and not tall dad’s eye level). When browsing your picture art, one should be able to look into the art, not up the noses!

We use a professional framer for our clients in Melbourne: Well Hung Pictures.

Anything else you can add that would help new home buyers create a masterpiece display of their pictures?

Wall art is essential to any homes décor and in particular, black and white pictures can be so artful.

For more information or to book a session with Lifestyle Portraits, please visit their website or call 9428 5877 and don’t forget to mention your PD Rewards card!